iOS 11 – Top 25 Useful Tips & Tricks

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iOS 11 is out and while it may not be as featured packed or as customisable as Android alternatives there are still some cool, lesser known and hidden tips and tricks to get the best out of your iPhone or iPad.
Here’s 25 of them to get you started, especially with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X launching soon…

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  1. Should've included one more thing; Wifi and Bluetooth toggles in control center don't actually turn off WiFi or Bluetooth, they just disconnect devices, only way to turn them off is from settings, such a stupid, misleading feature.

  2. I think that the software all in all is the asset. Other brands have great hardware but the software (android) makes evrything so complicated (versioning, customization , etc.) I once said i would love to have that samsung new galaxy phone, if only it runs iOS. ?

  3. Iam using redmi note 4. Now I have faced a problem. When i play internal storage video and sdcard videos from " file explorer" of redmi note 4, they can't be played.
    In case of internal storage video, some of the videos can be played from filw explorer but rest are not be played.
    In case of sd card , all videos can't be played from file explorer.For sdcard there is no option to see the videos other than than from file explorer and shows" an unknown error occured".
    I think the inbuilt video player of redmi note 4 is bad quality so that videos can't be played from file explorer.
    Please tell me what should I do to see sdcard videos ?

  4. i'm a ipad pro user and can definitely assure you that you have missed a lot.. like a LOT! please include them as the title says it's an ios 11 video NOT a device specific video
    if needed, please feel free to borrow my ipad for production purposes, i live in chennai only..

    – long term fan of the channel 🙂