iOS 11 transforms the iPad

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Read the CNET article here –
Are you beta-curious? Here’s what it does to the iPad Pro and Pencil.

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  1. 'There is a files app, is it useful? Hard to tell?' WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! People have been complaining about a lack of file system management since the iPad launched and now it's been implemented you're unsure?

  2. Great improvement for iPad.

    Well done Apple.

    iPads are fantastic machines.

    HOWEVER it's pointless having a MacBook and an iPad. I know because I have both. You either use one or the other.

    I personally prefer the MacBook.

    I also have an iPhone 7 Plus which does my IOS needs.

    The iPad Pro 2017 looks 10/10.

  3. Running 11B2 on iPad Pro 12.9 and have noticed that the device is running a bit hotter. Not going back as of yet and really liking the changes. Thank you for the video!