iOS 11 vs 10.3.3 Speed Test on ALL iPhones!

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Ultimate iOS 11 vs iOS 10 Speed Test Comparison! iOS 11 Faster vs 10.3.3? Startup, App Launching, Benchmarks on ALL iPhones.

iOS 11 FULL Review:


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  1. So basically iOS 11 is not worth it. Slower, more buggy, breaks apps and not worth it for any device older than the iPhone 7/8.
    But apple are going to try to force it on to us regardless.

  2. You can't jailbreak an iphone in China, you can lose users in China, you can buy an android phone, you can change the theme, and change the font. You limit these normally hot functions to the user to give up your use

  3. Most youtubers make a video per iPhone generation but you add em all. Must be alot of work and less youtube money in the end. Respect dude! likes all your videos