iOS 11 vs Android Oreo: Software Experience Comparison

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iOS 11 vs Android Oreo: Software Experience Comparison. Android Oreo on my Nexus 6P is just as smooth as iOS 11 on my iPhone 7 Plus. There’s a myth that Android is laggy and iOS isn’t – but it’s a myth.

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Looking to get a Pixel 2 XL upon release, angling to cover costs in ANY way. I don’t know anybody at Google and every effort last year fell flat. I don’t collect or review devices like others do, so it’s not easy.
Why not drop iOS? I’ve considered it. But, the moment I do, then I may lose greater objectivity. I care about software, not hardware – and to recognize software gains, you need to run it on hardware considered contemporary. I’d rather have one iOS device and one Android device for the time being for balance.
All I care about is software
Multitasking (App Switching, Fluidity)
Fingerprint Sensor Unlock
Consistency in Nav (Back Swipe vs Icon)
Default Apps (Configuration, Value)
App Exit to Home Screen Speed
Web Page Scrolling Jank
Voice Control
App Store Availability
Browser Experience (Content Blockers)
Cohesive Design Patterns
Intelligible Layout
Animations / Transitions
Back Button / Swipe Back (Gestures)
Default Keyboard & Typing Speed
Landscape Mode
Dictation / Correction
Camera App (HDR!)
Performance Boosts with Updates
Star Wars app


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  1. Thank you for your video.
    My Note 8 Runs so smooth. cant wait to Root it.
    also..i use a Iphone8 for does lang..and it happened once, it locked up.
    thank you for your honesty!

  2. I agree with you. I've had my iphone 6 plus since it came out and every update keeps making it shit. I don't want a new iphone since I don't like wireless headphones. Been thinking of finally buying a galaxy S8 but I don't know if I can keep using apple music with it. What are your thoughts on the s8?

  3. Subscribed and liked because of this, great video. Maybe I missed it in the video or the comments but a "battle" or "fight" against a "pure" android/google os experience is awesome and Android probably can kick IOS' butt. Butt (I was told to never begin a sentence with But), when it comes to Samsung's, LG's, or HTC's skin on top of Android, that's when it gets jenke jankie -janky-. Sorry, I probably should have taken a look at urban dictionary for that. I'm using an S7 and I want an Iphone 7. Holding my breath, but maybe I'll get Oreo some day, I just want apps that "fit" within the window in which they were opened.

  4. SO I have a Galaxy S8 Plus and iPhone 8 plus. I have to disagree with you. I think IOS11 works great on the 8 plus. The android runs well as well. They both seem to do what they were intended to. But I think IOS11 is a more fluid running OS. I do like my android because android is able to be customizable. And in the case of the Galaxy S8 plus, the screen is 2nd to none.   Now before my Apple 8 plus I had a 6s plus. It is certainly a major step up from that. The Apple creen does look good. But screen wise Android (Samsung) wins every time. My iPhone 8 plus is my EDC. I use the Galazy for viewing video at home. so I guess my bottom line is I will never own any other phones other than Apple or in the case of Android Samsung. To me they are the big boys of the mobile phone game. Every other company are striving to be them.

  5. What's dumb is I've found Google's apps run better in iOS. Google play music for example on iOS has an option to shuffle a playlist without needing to go into a menu, and chrome is more fluid on iOS. It's super weird. Just my two cents. I love using my Android phone that being said more though.

  6. I’ve been an Android user up until Nougat and jumped onboard to iOS 11 with the iPhone 6s Plus.

    Apple, to me, the iOS and the device, just feels nice to me.

  7. Steve Jobs was why the iphone was the best. Not Woz as he wasn't even involved with iphone . Larry Page the inventor of Google(greatest invention ever imo) is still heading Google and Android so android now with Oreo is overtaking iphone.

  8. I hate when ios users say you can get a virus on an Android device. If you EVER get a virus on Android, you should be banned from using Android again. I've been using Android since the Motorola Droid, and NEVER in my life, I got a virus.

  9. CHRIS READ!!!!!!!!!!?? I’m a apple fan but I agree with most of your iOS complaints. It wasn’t always like this iOS was great for many years. How do we get this realized & changed? Can we organize a mass tweet?!? To apple! U have the platform with over 350 subs & possibly know other channels with large amounts of subs that would be willing to help get subs to tweet to apple on certain day & time. Million tweets to apple wouldn’t & couldnt be ignored. Tweets about iOS only not hardware. This could make your channel huge which u may or may not care about but ultimately it’s bettering a product & people’s lives but also giving a voice to the people. The tech tea party!!!! Lol ?? lest do it

  10. Android is pretty good as long as you’re willing to swap devices every year. I tried Android for about 3 years and kind of liked it, but then came a software update and my beautiful nexus device started acting up and I said no more. Apps and remote devices work better on iOS and its why I went that route.

  11. I am NO fan of Apple. I have owned Android based phones for the past 8 years or so. I can say, without a doubt, that they have all sucked! All of them began to lag and slow down after about 3-6 months of use. Without fail, they all eventually started to lag and were very slow. The phone I currently own is the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 and the phone began to lag after about 1-2 months of use. I have been fooled countless times, but will NOT be ever again. As much as I despise Apple, the next phone I purchase will be an IPhone. My father has had IPhones for the past 5 years and he has never had a problem with them. I have used his IPhones throughout the past few years and they are night and day difference better than anything Android. They rarely show lag or slowly down in any significant way. For those who tell you that Android phones don't lag, I call bullshit! I have no idea why they feel the need to lie in order to defend a damn phone and OS. IPhones and the OS that they operate on are far superior to any other offering out there. I'm a Microsoft and Windows guy…always have been….always will be. When it comes to my future phones purchases, it will always be an IPhone. They are simply a superior product. End of story.

  12. I am about to throw my iPhone 6 out the window the next time an app refreshes after I open it from the multitasking window. I'm so sick of loosing where I'm at on a webpage or on my facebook or instagram feed. I also hate how apple teases you with a jpg of where you left off in the multitasking window just to have it all go blank when you click on it. It's honestly not multitasking it's just a lack of RAM after only having 5 apps open. Fucking pathetic and lazy Apple. NO wonder Iphones have such good battery life, they don't process or save anything except for what you're currently doing!!!!!

  13. I also hate how often iOS get's my swipe direction wrong even when I swipe maybe 10 degrees off from the direction I'm going. In multitasking sometimes if I swipe to the right or left not perfectly horizontal the phone will think I'm swiping straight up and close random apps. wtf

  14. Flashed Oreo on my four year old Moto G3 via a custom rom and its way better than IOS super stable. I will always flash a custom ROM I love stock android but I find googles hardware lacking. Also I need ROOT.

  15. The 3D Touch from the left to switch between 2 apps on iPhone 8 works way better than android I suggest using that and see what you think then

  16. nexus 6p runs on snapdragon 810 which is one of the worst processor snapdragon ever made still oreo manages to give you very stable performance.