iOS 12.1.1 Beta 1 – What’s New?

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iOS 12.1.1 Beta 1 was released today to developers and soon to public beta testers. This update brings a couple new features and changes to #facetime and fixes to iOS device. If you are a developer or public beta tester I show you what to expect.
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  1. Speed slowed down means not a good thing. Apple slowed their phone processing speed down?? The phone trend these days are speed things up! not down, damn it! Don't like it

  2. Still no read the text when it comes in, When it’s connected to a bluetooth headset and you still have to unlock the phone to get Siri to read it to you while hooked to a Bluetooth Headset.

  3. They need to get rid of the home bar, you’d only need it for the first time ever using an iPhone without a home button, it’s just in the way after that

  4. Hi Aaron. I just updated to this and glad the FT buttons are back on the bottom and out of that submenu. But on my iPad Air, I'm not seeing any button to flip cameras or to turn off camera like I am on my 6s. Is this a bug? I can swear I was able to flip cameras and pause/turn it off in previous versions. Anyone else experiencing this as well? Thanks

  5. Why apple didn’t fix the wifi and bluetooth turn off option and not going in settings and close them by real not staying in standby
    Or…….why apple did not fix the group notification that not always group them

  6. Excellent video I greatly appreciate your detailed reviews on all the new IOS updates. I am holding out on the iPhone Max purchase until the results are in with the dual Sim capability. I have to carry 2 phones on a daily basis, personal and business and would love this feature to work which would allow me to carry just one device. Let us know of your feedback and experience with dual sim capability.

  7. In the video there is a mention that in older iPhones iOS 12.1 gives us an option to check if the battery is genuine or not. How and where can I check that.

  8. Just had an issue with LTE not connecting. I had to toggle airplane to get it to work on 12.1 XS max. So that has not been fixed either. Just because they say these are fixed does not mean they are.