iOS 12.1 Beta 2! New Emojis, Sounds, ChargeGate Fix & More!

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iOS 12.1 Beta 2 Released With LOTS Of Cool Changes! 12 NEW Features & Changes, 70+ Emojis, New Sounds, eSim & More!

iOS 12.1 Beta 1 Recap:
iOS 12 Full Review:


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  1. “Although no official release date for iOS 12.1 has been confirmed by Apple, some are predicting its public debut could follow Apple's forthcoming hardware event in New York City on October 30.”

  2. hey why no one is talking about dual app support when iphone is going to support dual sim. it would be good if we can use dual apps like whatsapp, hike etc…will iphone support dual app?

  3. How come the emojis aren’t on the new update can you give us answer plz ? Nigga be actin like a dickhead never reply to none in his comment smh