iOS 12.1 is Out! – What’s New?

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iOS 12.1 is now available to all iOS 12 devices. This update brings fixes to iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR #beautygate and much more. If you questioned whether you should install iOS 12 or not, now is the time. #groupfacetime #iphone #Apple

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Phone XR – Unboxing:

Shortcuts for iOS 12:

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How To Install iOS 12 Betas:
How to Downgrade iOS 12 back to iOS 11:

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Apple Watch Series 4 Review:

Top 10 iOS 12 Features You May Not Know:

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  2. Hi, Sir .. I just wanna ask why my headphones are suddenly not supported on Messenger video call but works properly on voice call and other apps .. I can hear the person I am talking to on my phones speaker even when the headphones is plugged in .. Would appreciate the reply .. Thank you

  3. Anyone can compare battery health on iPhone SE with 12.1 vs 12.0 or 12.0.1? I tryed 12.0.1 for about two weeks and it drained battery during standby a lot…more than 10% during my 7 hours of sleeping, otherwise during some heavy tasks the battery stays much longer on 12.0.1 than on 12 (on battery benchmarks about 20min more). But i use my SE only a little, so i was frustrated about running out my battery while not-using and laying on table. So now I´m afraid about 12.1 cause if some problems appear, I cant return to pure 12.0 anymore :/

  4. the new update took out 'restrictions' and renamed it. I was shown once but can't remember how to put restrictions on again. Can you help me? Something about Reachability?

  5. My iPhone is 8+ done to upgrade iOS 12.1 but after that, it looks dark. I do try to display or brightness on it but it can’t better ! Can you give me advice what I must to do. Thank you