iOS 12 Fix Appstore‘s apps not downloading, fix stuck on waiting

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#ios12 #appstore #notdownloading #apps
ios 11 came with most of appstore problems like apps not showing or apps jot downloading, here i am showing a trick for who which are facing the problem of apps not downloading whenever everything is ok.

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  1. I did the same way but it didn't work
    It's Asking for the password then it's Asking for my adress but when I give it tell me there is awrong !!! Could you help?

  2. Hey I did just following as you. Saved on notes and tried to download facebook app from app store through notes but it is still extremely slow or stucking..? Pls help

  3. This is awesome, thanks SO much I spent hours trying everything else and this is the only thing that’s worked so far. I had about 40 apps stuck and it’s ‘unstuck’ about 15 of them!
    The rest of my apps don’t work with this method.. if they hadn’t begun downloading at all I think it doesn’t work.. have you discovered this and any workaround solution?