iOS 12 Jailbreak – How to Jailbreak iOS 12 Tutorial NO COMPUTER – WORKING WITH 12.1!

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Hello All Jailbreakers!

Today OSJailBreak has just been released! I will show you how to jailbreak your iOS 12 device! This is working up to 12.1 which came out eariler in the week! This is working version of Cydia 12 by Jay Freeman (saurik)

This is a completely free and untethered jailbreak (No Computer), that will work on the latest iOS 12 and iOS 12.1. iOS 12 is available for iPhone 5s to iPhone Xs Max!

Simply follow my iOS 12 Jailbreak tutorial and you will have cydia installed on your device. Now what can Cydia do for you? Well, Jailbreaking your Apple Phone will allow you to unlock super features that Apple lock for security reasons. Which include free wallpapers, different styles and awesome new themes for your phone!

Some Handy Tips before you proceed:
Backup your phone!
Disable Find my Phone (it may bug your jailbreak)

Luckily we can Jailbreak our device through a semi-tethered, meaning we do have to install an app from the Apple store, but don’t worry… It’s super simple!

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  1. Not real. JAILBREAK HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET Download another app if first doesn’t work lol no you just want people to keep downloading these apps.