iOS 12: The DEEP DIVE!

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iOS 12 has just gone into public beta. This is a preview. But since it’s *my* preview, we’re going to do it my style: By going *deep* into not just what Apple’s latest mobile operating system does — but how it does and what it means for *you*.


iOS 12 includes foundational performance enhancements designed to make iOS software age as well as iPhone and iPad hardware; a giant leap forward in persistent, multi-person AR; proactive suggestions and voice-trigger-able workflows not just for core features but for any action in any app; much-needed improvements to notifications and the do-not-disturb system; full-on self and parental controls; fun new features for Messages like Memoji which put you not just into the emoji but into the new AR Camera; and the biggest update to FaceTime since… FaceTime: Group calls.

That might seem like a lot of random pieces. But I’m willing to bet they’re all part of the same puzzle. One that, as it comes together, will reveal that iOS 12’s main purpose was shoring up and rounding out the interfaces, features, and devices we have today so we’re ready for the ones coming tomorrow.





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  1. I may be getting ahead of myself since I haven't watched the whole video yet, but I have fought this thing for what seems like months. I listen to music while I sleep, I went to bed as usual, my iPad was fine, my music was playing and a video of nature was morphing while the music played, beautiful. I woke up and looked at my iPad to check the time and my heart sunk. The color on the screen had flipped and now all I see is what looks like the negative of an old photo. I had seen the setting sometime back where the iPad could be set for, (I only saw it once) dark or light — day or night– or something like that. I started looking for the information on how to get my color, therefour, iPad, back to normal. I looked everywhere on this iPad but it just isn't here. I'm sure it's somewhere, but where??? I hadn't intentually changed my iPad to use a black background, but there it was/is. HOW can I put it back to normal. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Thank you

  2. Your explanations are always thorough and objective. However, you go through them so fast it is hard to digest the meaning and ramifications of these often revolutionary ideas. Yes, I know I can stop and rewind but it would be so much easier if you would just talk slower. Pausing between subjects or inserting some graphics when changing subjects might keep the video from appearing like one huge run-on sentence.

  3. iOS 12 is trash it literally offers nothing new. Where is a theme store? Where is close all apps button. Where is the dark mode? The list just goes on and on

  4. Before I got into iOS development I thought Apple was a rip-off… Then I got into the infrastructure and the sheer architectural genius of their software ?

  5. Thanks for putting this together Rene! ?? Do you read off a script while recording this or do you memorize it? Regardless, wonderful job!

  6. BTW there are couple of changes in Home app as well. They have removed Room title from each accessory on a specific room pages, while it is kept for your Favourite accessories page. Very intuitive, I guess. And I request you to do a video on Workflow, again.?

  7. Rene you obviously put a lot of work into this, so please take this as constructive, but for those who watched the keynote this was basically a long synopsis. I was hoping to see more screenshots and screen recordings showing features, not clips of the keynote with your own personally summary. Also this was unnecessarily long.

  8. Great video… my only feedback… some pauses in your talking would help… I was getting tired by the speed read effect… But your content is always great.

  9. Wondering if I should upload the beta on my iPad Pro 10.5? Not sure if I like the look of the new swipe up to go home instead of multitasking.

  10. I really don’t like that they’ve made the iPad more like an iPhone X. It’s an iPad! Not an iPhone. They’re supposed to be different, isn’t that what ios11 established? I use an iPad for my school instead of a laptop. I really liked that control centre was in the same place as the app switcher. It just makes more sense to make their be minimal places, it’s simpler and puts everything in one place.

  11. So many weird choices. Why add all the opacity and line width feature to inline sketches in Notes and not to the add a sketch feature? It took one click to get to contact cards in messages now it takes three? So many more I hope they fix.

  12. Excellent Review Rene. Really appreciate the way you present the video. Your unique approach differs from other tech journalists. You and Joanne Stern are my favourite.

  13. It’s amazing how many people make fun of tongue detection. Yet every. Single. Person. I’ve ever shown Animoji to has tried to stick out their tongue assuming the Animoji would within the first 30 seconds of trying it. It’s just something we do and Animoji couldn’t. Now it can and people laugh. It’s just mind boggling. Would they rather it be worse?

  14. Excellent preview, Renee. Your body of work—written and video essays; columns; journalism; reviews; podcasts and podcast guest appearances—is cogent, richly informative, and cognitively accessible (by me). You demonstrate an awareness of neurodiversity largely missing in the tech blogosphere etc. This last is a continual heartbreak for me, as it excludes my full participation in and full use of countless (often pricey) apps—particularly (and ironically) productivity apps. I could say a great deal more about this, but it’s outside the scope of your excellent, exhaustive preview of iOS 12. Thanks so much for your evident dedication to seed information wherever it may take root, and your uncommon sensitivity. (Even your native ads are more often relevant than not!). Incidentally. I still have my first edition D&D book, and ALL my character notes from…a long, long time ago, in a universe far away…including jealously guarded experience points. See what you bring out in me?

  15. I got to the part where you started talking about “other companies” and what they’re supposedly using the photo scanning and machine learning for. Jesus. Please stop with the fear mongering by pulling bullshit speculation out of your ass. You were sounding quite informed but I started suspecting that this was just a fanboy rant when you started going on and on about how this amazing technology will be great for schools, even though no schools can afford them. Theres a reason most schools are getting chromebooks. Maybe Apple could put some of their offshore billions into actually helping schools? When you started getting into the fear mongering crap though, that’s when I stopped listening and realized you were less an “informed dev” and more an “older Tailosive Tech”. I DO like a lot of what Apple does and like their devices, but I really wish there was more channels that talked about Apple constructively, both positive and negative, and that YouTube wasn’t full of this cult crap that just hinges on Apple’s marketing team’s words and doesn’t do any thinking or consideration or even research into what they say, or worse, in this case, make up their own FUD about their competitors when Apple’s own services can’t stand up on their own. When Apple’s services aren’t up to par, I hear the “but the competition is doing all this evil shit!” and the examples are almost always either stretching the truth or completely made up.