iOS 12 – Three Months Later

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iOS 12 has been out a little over three months. I take a look back at what it brought, how stable it has been, and how battery has been on iOS 12 and the updates. #iOS #iOS12 #Apple #iphone #update

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  1. I’m on the latest Beta and it’s by far the worst version. Constant freezing – any App, at least several times per day (iPhone X). No problems on previous version.

  2. I have an iphone XR RED running 12.1.2 and I have had no issues so far. Came back to iphone for the updates and battery life and I am not disappointed. This thing has seriously good battery (1.5 days! Can't remember if my old 4s ever got that much, no android phone I owned after that until now ever had battery life like this) Looking forward to the next update.

  3. Do we expect too much from our phones? Is it like looking in the refrigerator every fifteen minutes, but finding the same things in there? Thanks for the videos. They always help!

  4. Apple promised to provide a much better iOS, with much better performance and stability, but I really think it’s very bad too. 12 is not stable at all, battery life sucks and my cellular data on 12.1.2 just doesn’t work, just as the WiFi sometimes. Trash, just as 11.

  5. Hi Aaron,
    Excellent, as usual.
    You'll probably laugh, but I only have an IPod Touch 64 bit latest generation.
    I'm a beta tester and get all the upgrade. Do you know why I don't get the upgraded battery info, is it a processor problem or they just don't want to deal with my Model A ?:)
    Rik Spector

  6. Oh and I may be the only one but: talking to another iPhone user, if they are using Bluetooth or speaker, even on FaceTime, I can't hear them consistently if I'm on Bluetooth. I have to switch to phone or speaker or wired headphones.

  7. Max: other than occasional signal issues (including using WiFi calling and not being able to make calls on WiFi) it's been pretty great for me. Battery life is full day easily.

  8. I think they will do the following to iOS

    Split it into 2

    iPhoneOS and iPadOS

    Dropping support on all iPod Touch devices as well as iPhone5s and older.

    Also Dropping support for all iPads prior to 2016 versions for iPadOS.

    This would help them in two ways provide better support for their newer line ups as well as make the distinction of iPad and iPhone. It will help sales and boost productivity for iPad users.

  9. On my Verizon SE, everything is working pretty good except for battery life. To be fair, I just started using background app refresh so maybe it was the same on iOS 11, but I have noticed that battery dips a little bit more than in iOS 11 and nothing even comes close to iOS 10

  10. I can’t wait until iOS 13 I would like them to do a big ui over hall and to get red of the volume bar in the middle of the screen we have it 4 a long time and it is very very annoying playing games and with
    Movie and that

  11. IOS 12 is working very well on both my iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. One of my favorite fixes was moving the Control Center to upper right swipe-down so it matches on both devices. ⬇️

  12. 12.1.2 has been the best version yet for me; on an interesting note though, it wasn’t the best when I originally upgraded. It was only after my device screen turned black/off as I was texting someone, and restarted by itself 30 seconds later. Since that happened, everything about my 7 plus has improved.

  13. 12.1.2, but this issue always existed… wifi roaming when on youtube, switching to a new wifi antenna causes youtube to not load data.

  14. Why do you keep your wifi and cellular data on simultaneously? This drains your battery big time, plus you also have bluetooth on for your apple watch. HUGE BATTERY DRAIN!

  15. I have had terrible problems with connectivity and delayed notifications ever since ios 10,11 and still now on 12 on many different models of iphone. I mean maybe its just me but it drives me crazy seeing a notification pop up with a time stamp to say it was sent 5,6,7,8,9,10 mins ago. Personally I think the current connectivity issues has been there since around ios 10 but only now more and more people are starting to ask whats going on taking notice of it. You can trace it back on apple forums the whole way back to ios 10. Maybe one day it will be trully fixed 🙂

  16. I'm new to Apple and I won't stay for long as it appears… I have iOS 12.1.1 on my 2018 iPad pro and it's been the most traumatizing experience of my life… WiFi comes and goes, specially when my USB-c Port is engaged. Apps don't load fully or stop working properly way to frequently and to top this all, screen blurs out dramatically until you close all the apps and re open them.