iOS 13: 30+ HIDDEN Features !

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iOS 13 hidden features. iOS 13 has a lot of features that are hidden. Here are more than 30 iOS 13 hidden features and Apple didn’t talk bout on the iOS 13 keynote. More iOS 13 beta videos are coming, iOS 13 features, hidden features, tricks and more.

👉iOS 13 DARK MODE Review:

👉17 iOS 13 Tricks:

👉40 iOS 13 Beta 2 Features:

👉iOS 13 Final Released Date:

👉iOS 13 Beta EVERYTHING You Need To Know:

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  1. There is voice control and i knew it just a minute after the update btw how to do it triple click your home button if there will not be voice control try in settings search voice control and then u will download something then u wait then u turn it on then say show numbers then say the number that u want to open

  2. have a question, when the public beta releases If i install it on my device.. will it erase my data or it just overwrite the operating system..?

  3. most of these are settings we already knew or apple covered in the keynote. I don’t like the YouTube culture of making 12 minute videos about phone features, especially ones regular uses won’t actually care about. It’s a phone. I’ll be more impressed when apple updates the UI and look, so then I can actually watch these videos and learn about something cool, rather than the same features since iOS 9 that people throw in to make their videos longer for more ads and more revenue.