iOS 13.6.1 is Out! – What's New?

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iOS 13.6.1 is now out to the public and all iOS 13 supported devices. iOS 13.6.1 brings updates to fix the green tint issue on iPhone with OLED displays, fixes storage bugs, and adds security updates. In this video I go over all the new features and updates in iOS 13.6.1 including expected battery life, performance and more on iPhone 11, iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Air 2. #iOS13 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – How to install the update
00:28 – Size
01:04 – Build Number
01:13 – Modem
01:28 – Features and changes
03:17 – Security updates
03:40 – Battery
04:28 – Performance
05:41 – iPad OS 13.6.1
06:11 – Benchmarks
06:58 – iOS 13 future updates
07:40 – iOS 14 Beta 5 release date
07:50 – wallpaper
08:03 – Outro
08:23 – End

11:35 – Outro
11:56 – End

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  1. Did you install iOS 13.6.1 or are you using iOS 14 Betas? iOS 13.6.1 finally fixes a few well know bugs users of iOS 13.6 were having. Check back for the poll later this week and follow up this weekend. Thanks for watching!

  2. I hate this update .. just by me watching YouTube videos my phone gets ridiculously hot .. and the battery , ohhhhh let’s not talk about the battery life smh.

  3. I’m so pissed my phone updated by it self … my battery is draining & I mean literally draining & it gets very hot … this never use too happen too my phone Kmt

  4. Ever since I updated me and my wife’s phones to 13.6.1 it has been randomly rebooting. Anyone else having this issue? You’re in an app and then suddenly it just has the loading circle emblem show up and you’re back at the lock screen.

  5. Updated it in my 11 pro max just bought it a week ago when it was on 13.5.1, the perfomance isnt so smooth while running apps, did a reset to settings as well. 13.5.1 felt faster, bluetooth doesn't recognize my pods automatically kinda annoying.

  6. Anyone using iPhone 11 Pro Max please tell me did it improve your phone, is the battery same, better or worse (I’m using 13.5.1 right now)

  7. For some reason picture in picture doesn’t work on my ipad (2019)
    after I updated it to ipadOS 13.6.1, is this issue with my ipad only? or anyone else
    facing the same issue?

  8. My problem this no update help me plz👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻iOS 13.6.1 includes bug fixes for your iPhone.
    Addresses an issue where unneeded system data files might not be automatically deleted when available storage is low
    Fixes a thermal management issue that caused some displays to exhibit a green tint
    Fixes an issue where Exposure Notifications could be disabled for some users
    Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices. For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website:

  9. I usually don’t comment on iOS vids because Apple will either never fix it – or eventually fix it in their own damn time. That said I have a iPhone X (new one-not the original release date model) and a new iPhone XS Max 512. Both now after installing 13.4 or 5 crash, run HOT 🥵 and many apps freeze (esp with internet “call/response” type commands). Internet services with even Google Apps are the worst now. The only reliable app I had is on its knees.😢 Ever since Jobs passed away, Apple’s SW QC has gone into the toilet. Think it’s time for a Samsung 12 w/5G (why Apple didn’t release a 5G model with the X / XS series still baffles me. And then the 11 comes out and still no 5G? WTH Apple? It’s like they intentionally omit industry standard tech from their items just to see if idiot sheep like me will pay $1400 for a phone that hangs and crashes daily and now I can even fry an egg on it from running so hot. – yet with NO 5G?? Makes zero sense unless they’re trying to ward off all the brain tumor suits that’ll be flooding them 10yrs from now?. That is no conspiracy (the CV-19 one though is utter bollocks) – If I weren’t so married (buried) into Apple’s ecosystem, I’d have left years ago. Do you know you cannot connect any iPhone X-11 to a new MacBook Pro? And they used the old pin 2.5mm round style headphone jacks so you can’t even watch corded films on flights. Oh that’s right. Cut all those damn cables in lieu of Bluetooth. Okay. Did that but after 16 months I’m lucky to get 90 mins of listening time out of my AirPods anymore. – and beware. The battery/out of warranty swap price of $69 is for a USED (Apple refurbished) AirPod that only comes with a 90 day warranty NOT 1 yr! Nobody tells you this and Apple will not let you leave the store without surrendering your old dying AirPod. Why? B/c you just paid the $69 for someone else’s broken used AirPod and they send that back to get a new $3 battery in it and resold to the next idiot like me for $69 yet only has a 90 day warranty on it. Unbelievable scam/con that one is they’ve got going. My $399 Dr Dre STUDIO Beats3 over the ear noise cancelling headset sound like Rubbish and use a micro USB charger that isn’t even in the Apple catalogue despite us techies begging for it for the past decade vs their Lightning cables and ports. MacBook Pro (you know, the $3000 laptop for “professionals”. 3 ports and that’s it. All USB/Lightning ports but no “C” port to charge your iPhone in with. Nothing to plug your headset into. No Ethernet jacks or SSD card slot. Nothing. And worst of all? No more MagSafe and can’t tell you the times I’ve tripped over that damn cable in my hotel room launching my $3000 “airplane footrest” 💺 across the room just praying the 4mm thick screen hasn’t cracked. Oh, and the Apple logo doesn’t light up anymore. I know. Sounds silly snd I don’t care. But was Apples lit advertising worldwide at every airport and even on TV shows where production taped over the lit logo. A .05cent part that separated Apple from all the other metal chassis laptops that ripped off apples premium design (still better than my BACKUP/day trading HP plastic crap $850 Windows Laptop) 14 day return policy w/Apple. It took me 10 days to setup and transfer 2.5 Tbytes of old data over to the new machine before I realized what a total POS it truly was – pure crap. To this day I’ve never used to keyboard touchbar up top and hit the “Siri” key at least once every 5 mins till I finally disabled it. I read yesterday that 2020 MBP saw a 30% gain in sales?! Huh?! after years of falling sales? I wonder why? Maybe if they added in 10 new ports and brought back MagSafe and other standard features they got the old Apple crowd back? Didn’t read the full article so guess I’ll never know. Just hope this update solves the heat/battery problems. (Sorry for the long rant/vent TLDR. But – After dropping $10K on all Apple kit that doesn’t always work, I’m passed off) guess it’s a warning to others. Buyer beware.