iOS 13 Beta 4 Release Date & New Features & Changes I’m Hoping Apple Brings to iOS 13

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iOS 13 beta 4 should bring many bug fixes and improvements to iOS 13 on the iPhone, today I share with you guys the expected release date for iOS 13 beta 4 as well as some of the new features and changes that we are all hoping for Apple to bring to iOS 13 beta 4 on iPhone

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  1. I know those changes are very necessary but a major redesigned to the call ui and Siri as well is not happening they didn’t announced that in the keynote so that’s not happening, if they advertised the change in the volume ui and it a Siri or a call ui change it won’t happen

  2. I hate how they are having less and less land scale exclusives for the max… I had held
    Off of the big phones for years when I finally give in they start dropping stuff.

  3. In my opinion Applewood not just randomly release these big features if Apple is going to release them they would put them in the keynote not just randomly release these big features iOS 14 your hopes or unreal and they’re not going to happen until I was 14 because in my opinion Applewood not just randomly really is such big changes they would need so much coding so much refining so much beta testing They’re not going to do it now

  4. Apple should bring back the way Siri worked with the older iOS such as iOS 6, For example Siri only covered the bottom half of the display when you activated Siri on older iOS such as iOS 6, and Apple should honestly bring that back to Siri but with the modern look to Siri

  5. YouTube giving me issues since iOS 13.2. Also, PNC app doesn’t work well with it, but PNC’s VirtualWallet app does. Go figure.

  6. Great ideas. Wish we were able to label each photo in the photos app. Not a fan of the individual albums. Think it will be more useful to label each photo to be able to find the photo you are exactly looking for.

  7. My life will be complete if they add a feature in settings to turn off text replacements or turn it on whenever you want to use it than to delete it

    anyone agree?

  8. be smart stay clear from the first two public betas will save yourself stress and heartache not to mention how long it will take for the next beta