IOS 13 Dont Upgrade! Apple iOS 13 Warning For Millions Of iPhone Users

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A New iOS Arrives and let’s just say it has more than a Few Bugs. Your iPhone will get a software update this week, but in this video, we are going over why you might want to wait for iOS 13.1.

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  2. My WiFi in my iPhone use to be fast and after I upgraded it to iOS 13 the WiFi has not be working fast I tried playing games and it keeps saying internet connection poorly

  3. From last three days I downloaded software 13.3 but didn’t install issue is network connection error that is only make me fuck and even i lost my network signals of my iphone7 please help me

  4. my iPhone x has become TERRIBLY slow, will take anywhere from 5-30 seconds to open off of lock screen then once opened it works ok but slower. once lock screen is on again it does it all over again, literally the worst software update known to mankind…

  5. I have an iPad which is 12.4.1 and I could upgrade to 13.1.2 but it says update requested and i can’t seem to find the download of my update so I can’t get it can someone help me

  6. My iphone is showing “Mobile Data Update Failed” so your iphone can’t make and recieve call or use mobile data until it has been updated … why ? And whats the solution please help

  7. after i upgraded to 13, my iphone 7plus, can't receive any calls, from network, facetime, viber, messenger etc, my speakerphone icon is all blurred out.

  8. Garbage .. sooooo many problems. All xls doc pdf files associations all broken and Phuked up .. freezing .. can’t load photos … iOS mail attachments preview not working AND can’t open word or excel attachments. Word, Excel, Pages & Numbers are missing from the “open in” options. 6 hours on tech support .. finally had to erase my damn iPad Pro 10.5 and reinstall EVERYTHING … damn nightmare .. still having problems 🤬 .. now once I use a pdf program to open a pdf attachment in iOS mail .. that App icon replaces the neutral pdf icon and becomes the only option I have to open the pdf .. still no preview !!

    I think Apple should hire more cheap H2 Visa Engineers .. they are doing a great job phuking up a once great company .. fast becoming a McCompany ..

    I look forward to Apple’s demise .. too damn greedy, WOKE and politically correct. Get back to your mission .. make great products that WORK and stop everything else .. or die and go away .. let a hungry young company that really cares about their customers and products take your place.


  9. Hello? I tried to update my mom's iPad Pro to iOS 13 and it totally fucked it up. Restarted it countless times to try to get it to go and I kept getting "estimating time remaining". Worst of all, I did a factory reset to try and restore it from an iCloud backup, but no, that didn't work either. Thanks a lot, Cook, you fucking idiot. Unbelievable!

  10. I always get stuck on any page I'm in cause my swipe up button doesnt work on my iphone X after the iOS 13 update, meaning I have to restart my phone each time just to get back to my home page. This is super frustrating.

  11. I just updated yesterday and my back camera photos where showing some yellow blue lines streaks. Could it be from the update cuz it was working fine before the update. 😭😭😭

  12. I just got iPhone 11 pro max and it’s pretty laggy when opening and closing apps and swiping around on the home screen is this because of my phone or iOS 13 and will it be fixed in the new updates? Someone please answer

  13. Guys a good way to fix it if it goes wrong leave it off 4 aleast one min or two then turn it on it should work hope 4 the best

  14. The worst version of iOS. My phone is draining the battery a lot faster than before. I’m having problems with my wi fi it’s really slow. SHAME ON IPHONE

  15. wifi logo turns grey and you canr use wifi feature and also i cant use any audio such as make calls or play music my iphone doesnt recognise when a headphones is being plugged in

  16. Upgraded to iOS 13.1.2, worst thing I ever did. After upgrade I’m only getting notifications when the screen is on, meaning if screen stays on (lit up) I get my messages if not I get no alerts of new messages whether emails or texts (screen on always will kill the battery as well WTH

  17. I haven’t updated my phone to iOS 13 yet and looks like I’ll wait a while longer. I don’t want to deal with any of the issues I’m seeing about in the comments lol.

  18. My speaker, when I make a phone call, makes a “white noise” sound and I cant hear if the call is going through etc… also, I can’t plug my headphones into my iPhone (IPhone 7 plus) plugging my headphones in literally does nothing and the sound still comes through the actual phone and not the headphones.. restarting my phone fixes these issues very briefly. But then it goes right back to these bugs