iOS 13 — First 13 Things To Do

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Watch this video to see the first 13 things to do on iOS 13!
From the new Automatic Dark Mode Settings, to turning your keyboard into a trackpad, using Emergency SOS to stay safe and even a virtual home button, this video includes the Best things do with iOS 13.

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Let us know what your favorite iOS 13 feature is in the Comments Below! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Uhhhhggg…that "virtual home button" isn't a secret…it's been around for quite a while there bud so many of these have been around for a while, you just happen to live under a rock and once you found all of these your like "OMG I JUST FOUND SECRETS!!!"

  2. Thanks for the video. Very helpful. At 6:03 I don’t have the ‘Cellular’ option. I have 'Mobile Data' and 'Personal Hotspot’ options instead. 

    I found ‘Low Data Mode’ however, inside Mobile Data/Mobile Data Options/. Presumably this is different because I’m starting out with 13.3.1.

  3. As a senior citizen who is somewhat tech Savy, you just go too fast with instructions. I watch you on my iPad with my phone in my hand and I still have to go back and rewind several times to do some of the things yay are showing. Just FYI. Thanks. Good info.

  4. Good video! It would’ve been helpful on find my iPhone if you told how to add a device. Regarding iOS 13 I absolutely hate it!!! Apple has taken many, many features and what was one or two button pushes are now three or four. That’s not an improvement!

  5. Put my iPhone in the cup holder in my car. Within minutes it was blaring a siren and dialing 911. Didn’t realize this was available on the phone. Cup holder was just small enough that the two side buttons were pressed and activating the SOS.