iOS 13 Vs iOS 14 Speed test comparison

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Please NOTE:- I know iOS 14 BETA 1is currently unstable and is not running on its maximum Capacity but this video was just for entertainment this video in no means Conclude that which OS is better.
Wait a few Months for the FInal conclusion when iOS 14 will Publicly release

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  1. Important:- iOS 13.5 had Rendering+Ram Management issues and iOS 14 has almost every issue possible and as i mentioned in the video that this Video does not conclude which OS is better as both of them are unstable. both the OS didn't perform well and being an Apple Andhbhakt don't start judging the whole video.Just Accept FACT iOS 13.5 and iOS 14 both are pathetic at the moment

  2. Bro plz help me dm me okk.. i am play pubg in ios 14 beta 4 in pubg mic on to all sound is decreased enemy food stap and also car sound and other how to fix..

  3. Bhai tere human eror ki vajah se kuch pata nahi chala ghanta kuch pata nahi chala apps ke opening time mai

    Literally the worst review I have seen in my life

  4. Aare bhai Stable or beta version me fharak hota he… iOS 13 is now more stable than iOS 14. Performance difference tho hoga hi haa. Or aap 9 se 10 months baat iOS 13 ko eka newly released iOS version de compare kar rahe ho. Usually newly i,ll say again newly released initial release are slower and laggy. Anyway aapka reaction aacha the very arguably 😂 nahi nahi nahi bhai ye dekho 😂 dono ki lagi padi he.

  5. Great comparison! Huh you are running ios 13 on iphone xs with A 12 bionic chip which is a year old than Apple A13 on iphone 11 on the right so the difference is obvious

  6. Dono ek hi phone the tumhe jhatu bnaya jara hai..iss jese chutiye ko 25 hzar ne follow mar rkha h..isse bdia toh isko bolo tik tok pr jaye..vha toh orr fan following milegi😂

  7. ios 14 have many issue, i install 13.5.1 again because of my phone created many problems like hang, when i was start any game played heavy , sometime my iphone freeze heavy Application ios 14 have lots of problem , 13.5.1 is best