iOS 14 beta 1 – 20+ Bugs & Problems Found! WAIT Before You Update

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After testing iOS 14 on my iPhone 6s and iPhone 11, I encounter these bugs and problems! Should you update?

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  1. My AirPods are also having problems with the connection to my iPhone xr because of the update. They connect but they also dont connect and it lags/freezes my phone

  2. My FaceTime won’t let be do the pip even when it’s enabled it doesn’t work and somtimes the stickers dont work when I try to use them I really need help I wanan do the pip but it won’t work

  3. My camera sometimes will do this crazy zoom in zoom out and not let me take a picture and often when I’m texting it will stop in the middle of it. Actually only when my iOS password comes up I’m able to type about six or seven digits and then the typing function will stop for about 10 seconds and then it will resume

  4. sometimes my messages take a while for them to load up and my typing and backspacing delays if i reset my phone completely will it take me back to ios 13 ?