iOS 14 Beta 1 is here, and so is the Speed Test video !

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Speed Test iOS 14 Beta 1 vs iOS 13.5.1

As expected Apple released the first beta of iOS 14 a few hours after
the keynote started yesterday. This time a much different keynote
that was pre-recorded, but nevertheless pulled off in an awesome
fashion. Kudos to Apple for pulling that off. So iOS 14 was
announced with many many new features packed in everywhere. But
there was no mention around performance and optimization of the
release, so it is with shaky hands I do this beta test. Mind you
this is the first of many betas, so much will change over the
next months, also when it comes to performance. But lets see
how Beta 1 is doing. Time to test.

iPhone SE 00:00
iPhone 6s 07:12
iPhone 7 13:43
iPhone 8 20:11
iPhone XR 26:22

Music by Causmic
Track 01 : Business As Usual
Track 02 : Contact
Track 03 : The High Line
Track 04 : Flight to Tunisia
Track 05 : Regrets
Track 06 : Soul Searching


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  1. I gotta say I am extremely impressed with how stable beta 1 has been for me on my iPhone 11. It Is super stable to the point that I forget that this is a beta. Since this is beta 1 I can only imagine what the gold master will look and feel like. Even by this speed test comparison you can see it runs well on older hardware. Well done Apple.

  2. Ty for video
    Can you retry and share XR Geekbench?
    Oh just read “conclusion”
    Damn, I wonder what’s up

    The rest looks stupid fast – especially considering that as of yet there is ZERO optimization from any 3rd party developer