iOS 14 Beta 5! What's New Review

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iOS 14 Beta 5 Released! Several nice surprises in this one! iOS 14 is almost ready for primetime, beta 5 includes 40+ features/changes!

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iOS 14 Beta 4 Review.

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  1. idk if this happens to anyone but with the ios beta 14 ever since i got it, it has this bug where the keyboard will disappear while i’m typing and i have to refresh the app i’m using just to get the keyboard back and continue typing (this bug still happens even with ios 14 beta 5)

  2. I hope that when the actual official ios 14 comes out I really do hope is much faster and super smooth because at the moment its still somewhat laggy and not that smooth

  3. for some reason my airpods pro aren't connecting well and when they do it says CENTER_TXT content_item_text in the notification bar

  4. 3:55 they should implement a Face ID /fingerprint authentication in other to reveal the “hidden folder” in the gallery

    Or just implement a Face ID /fingerprint authentication to reveal the contents of the hidden folder.

  5. Can I get an iPhone my iPhone 6 broke a couple of months ago and I can’t get a new one lol man been watching you for a while now love to see the great content

  6. My music app background is just plain black since I’m in dark mode
    But also when I revert back to light mode it’s still the same plain background but white even thou I’ve updated my phone to beta V.5

  7. Please ask them for longer last call list. 100 recent numbers last me for 2-3 days. Which is shame for "smart phone". Even nokia hundreds years ago does it better…

  8. Is it just me or we can’t wait for an update that makes iPhones practically windows phones? Windows would’ve been a great OS if it had more developers dedicating their time for it. Like always great video! Cheers.