iOS 14 beta: It's complicated…finally

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iOS 14 for the iPhone has the biggest changes Apple has ever made to the home screen. You can add widgets to any screen, there’s a whole new app library, and you can even turn off whole pages. In this episode of Processor, Dieter Bohn explains what it all means.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Here’s a question
0:49 Widgets
2:19 Jiggle Mode
3:00 Edit pages
3:40 Smart stack
4:23 App Library
6:47 App Clips
8:28 iOS 14 is finally complicated
10:36 Outro

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  1. This is nothing but a very very very smart move from Apple.
    They want Android people on Apple now, they can smell the (not so bright) future if this doesn't happen.

  2. The last point hit very hard. That’s what I love about the iOS 14 “hype”. It’s taking an already working idea and adding another level to it. You don’t have to add widgets or remove pages at all. You can keep a clean experience or add a bit more texture. Awesome review!

  3. Dieter, you didn't explain App Clips very well. IF someone can use them, their very helpful. And it's not just about not having to download the full "parking" app, it's about downloading- on the spot, at the pay machine- a quick moment of access, verified by your Apple credentials already on your phone, and never having to use it again, no fuss. Without App Clips: you'd have to download the app, yes, but then sign up for the service, verify by email, give the app your private credit card info, verify that, and THEN use the pay machine, and then have yet another app on your phone you only use once.

    Great video otherwise, as usual. Cheers.

  4. The App clip thing is going to be very useful for those in big cities. Because I haven't seen any of the stuff that would require me to personally use it.

  5. I like the new widgets. They are way better implemented compared to the old widgets with took some time to refresh every time you looked at the home screen.
    For the app library: I really don't like it. The category thing could be nice but the folder thingy ist terrible. It would be much better if it just showed all apps in a vertically scrolling grid, maybe grouped by category but maybe not.

  6. It would be great if fast food/restaurant apps were all instant/app clips! I don't want to have starbucks, penera, etc. all clogging up my phone space.

  7. I don't know how I feel about the app gallery. I with they had a different way to stack them such as having them all on a screen like android but having them separated with background colours. It's too stuffed for me

  8. On what level comparable to console graphics do you think iPhone is on? I say this because over the last ten years, we’ve had some amazing console games grace the AppStore, and even Bioshock- however bad it is as an FPS, was a technical marvel.

    It seems the only developers to realize iPhone potential now are the big companies like Feral Interactive and Aspyr Media with their console ports.

    Ps. Bright memory is another game of high graphics.

  9. There was a reason why I switched from Android to iOS.
    This feels like a step back.

    What's next? am I gonna find the memory full of thumbnails and temporary pictures like I did on my Samsung Note 1 all those years ago?