iOS 14 Hands-On: Everything New!

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The best iOS 14 features, coming soon to an iPhone near you.

0:00 Intro
1:06 Homescreen
1:45 Widgets
4:30 Compact UI
6:51 Straight from Android
8:12 Unique Features
10:43 Outro

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  1. I wish that picture-to-picture feature would work for YouTube. But it prob never will cuz it’ll defeat the whole purpose of having YouTube premium pretty much

  2. Please ask apple that when it will remove the limit of 100 call history. Such a excellent phone, but the basic thing is missing which is also the most useful. What do you think of it?

  3. Hey. If you never looked at this also with iOS 14 Beta, iPhone 11 has 4K Support now with YouTube, so you can watch All the 4K premium content that you want.

  4. I've had an S6 plus, S7 edge, S9 plus and currently an S10 plus, but with Google getting rid of Google Play Music, and Apple finally freeing up their software, it's time to come back home. 😌😌 Now I've just got to transfer EVERYTHING over. 😫😫😫

  5. 1 of my biggest issue is being able to get into Bluetooth n connecting to whatever I need without having to go into settings. For instance on android I just have to hit the Bluetooth badge at the top of the screen n there’s a pop up with my devices to choose from it’s very 1,2 without the 3. On iPhone I find it has too many steps. I’m wondering if they will have a widget to include Bluetooth so it’s from the home screen. Also do u know if u will be able to reply to msgs from the Notification Center?

  6. I'm an android user recently just switched to iPhone, the thing I miss the most is the widget customization. I can't believe what I just saw in this video, this iOS 14 literally just made my day!