iOS 6 The Truth About Apple Mobile OS vs Android

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How do the new features in iOS 6 compare to Android. I do a quick breakdown of what Apple calls “amazing” and “fantastic” new features for iOS 6.

If you have not seen my Video Series Android Vs iOS you must watch it!

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  1. ive used iphone 2 .. 3 … 3gs … 4…. 4gs…. and then galaxy s4 .. iphone suck now for all iphone users …android is too smart .. but i love to use my imac and ipad … 🙂 but not so much ipad till i go my s4 … even u jail break iphone ..iphone cant do what android can do … ive been always using jail break iphone … now even ive not root my s4 ..still my s4 beat iphone too far away….

  2. "Then youre stupid" – survivorevil

    Very funny comment given your profile icon and the context of my comment. I said you guys are a like cult, because you guys are, thumbing down any comment you disagree with and talking crap; which is a sign of great insecurity.

    Running multiple apps at once is a measure of efficiency. The OS should be smart about memory and power management. Android is pretty good these days but in my experience iOS has been better. Boohoo, I disagree with you? Haters.

  3. Games. Customer support. Dealing with warranty claims. Integration with an operating system (iOS and OS X integration is second to none). Better tablet experience (iOS vs Android is the proper comparison, not iPhone to Android). Third party support, including docks, cases, etc. Car integration. Helping the US economy. Resale value (compare S2 with iPhone 4s). Native music software. External music software integration. External music hardware integration. Global recognition. Etc, etc


  4. Interesting, so I'm not a developer because its common knowledge not to upgrade iOS until the jailbreak comes out? Even that delay is more frequent than say, Samsung users. Stats show that over 90% of them are not running the latest version. It's not so much about fragmentation from a feature perspective but a development perspective. The web-view, for example, has fundamental discrepancies on Android than on iOS.

  5. I edit typos out of my comment, Google is so "awesome" that you couldn't find my comment, which was simply my response right after the first–so I'll reserve my feeling that you're an irrational asshole for not actually reading my comment since Google probably never sent it to your mailbox. Search "32 GB Nexus 7 is $140" in the comments to read it.

  6. Did you search "32 GB Nexus 7 is $140"; no, or at least you fail to correspond, perhaps because you think that being a clever brat is correlated with intelligence. Quit going ad-hominem against straw-mans and intellectually own up and do due diligence rather than conjuring wild conjecture weaved into some specious argument. Owning these devices is a trivial feat, creating good content; however, takes talent. That talent yields greater pecuniary return on iOS for developers.

  7. Yes there are some great things that Android does, my A855 was awesome in comparison to my friends 3G, that is until I had it a year, then it got slow, apps didn't want to work. I had my 4S for a year before my friend upgraded his 3G and got a 4S. Stability is what I like about iOS.

  8. there was an LG touchscreen phone before Iphone, but…where are the sales numbers? where's that hype "i want want it no matter what", and can you name it?

  9. I think this is something people need to hear. No matter the phone, android is a good OS and Samsung represents that well, in my opinion. Android gives people the freedom to control their files; case and point. When Apple returns that privilege, maybe then we can talk iPhone.