iOS 7 (Beta) vs. Windows Phone 8 – Detailed Comparison

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  1. I love how they made fun of NFC… and air drop is basically like sky drive xD and sky drive is better…. you can basically share all or most of the files on wp8 and on a windows desktop xD What if the other person doest have data or wifi? xD

  2. You really are biased. Favouring Apple. For instance, you only chose to "Compare" features iOS had, and WP8 had a different solution for. You didn't mention any of the features WP8 had, tat iOS didn't have.

  3. "iOS is obviously better! Because like it costs more money, and like everyone has it. Plus it's totally more efficient and cooler, it has so many apps, and like only losers don't have iphones." So all windows has to do to be as good as apple is raise the prices and start selling brand over quality. 

  4. I understand everyones claiming their infinite loyalty to apple and crap. I will never buy from apple because i feel like that people just buy it because of it's shiny labels. Honestly the day people realise that apple just releases the same crap every year the better our world will be.

  5. i was about to buy windows phone from an android user, but i ve seen this, no toggles and no drawer/control center?? its a real drawback to me..