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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the following stories:

– Tips and tricks for iOS 7 (Video)
– Samsung Galaxy S 4 Gold Edition revealed for UAE
– Microsoft cloud-based gaming could bring full-on Halo to your Windows Phone handset
– T-Mobile dropping BlackBerry from in-store retail selection
– Try out Google Glass for yourself; cross-country demo events scheduled
– Space Grey iPad 5 pictured
– iOS 7 got you queasy? Users complain about motion sickness

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Gold edition of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which we knew wouldn’t take too long. Microsoft is next as we see how a cloud-based version of Halo can even run on Windows Phone. T-Mobile follows as the company has now decided to ditch BlackBerry from retail completely. We later talk about Google Glass and how the company plans to take it cross-country for people to give it a try. We end today’s show talking about the space gray iPad, and also the fact that people are complaining of iOS 7 making them dizzy.

All this and more after the break.


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  2. Indo believe that they are real and that the parallax feature wasn't always effective enough and that apple should let you change the feature to let you pick how effective you want it

  3. It is real for some people who have balance problems. Real to the point that they struggle to use iOS 7 at all and thus their expensive devices. Mocking it in the way the question was put is not clever for what is supposed to be a professional website.

  4. PocketNow, you're like the Fox News of smartphone reviewers now. It seems like your reviews are geared to either get your own fanboyism off your chests or to incite fanboyism to get hits. Do I need to watch a video subtited "iOS7 dizziness?" no. just like I wouldn't watch a video titled "Android lagginess" or something equally as borish. I'm done, unsubscribed. You guys used to be a LITTLE impartial, looks like i have to stich with The Verge and Engadget, wow, that's sad.

  5. WoW!! as first I thought that I was the only one getting Motion Sickness but thanks God that it's not only me and now I realize that it's really the iOS software that's making all this dizziness.. and it also makes shifting & going thru different apps very slow unlike how in iOS 6 everything worked so fast and if you wanted to go to a particular app you won't feel the slow motion going in and out of the app but it would go in and out of the apps really fast..

  6. It depends on how u use the phone isnt? I mean if u scroll around like a madman and focused same time at the screen then yea perhaps every system would give u dizziness duh.