ios 7 gpp fix for iphone 4s

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if you have previously GPP unlock your sprint or verizon iphone 4s and upgraded to ios7 and phone is not working anymore here is a fix to get at least the talk function working. Visit call 888.659.0042
steps to fix
!!!!!Before you begin reset network settings of iphone.!!!!!
1. connect to wifi
2. go to
3. click install
4. neterteam app will install on phone “red jaguar”
5. click on red jaguar app
6. will ask to install patch, Click “top one”
7. click install or ok, if says error, click again untill it say ok 2g
8.. Put sim and neter nano or neter pro inside
9.. will say searching, wait for network to appear


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  1. two apps pop up , if the white circle appears and still says installing, just click on the red jaguar app and complete steps i have updated in the description

  2. @kfimathi @Md Ali, you are welcome, glad it worked. Check out a new cell phone company for unlimited talk, text & 4G data for only $49 a month. For more info check out my website found in the description field

  3. hello if you go to my website cellproz you can buy a gpp for iphone 4s sprint, and I will send you the ios7 software. 9 times out of 10 talk, text and data work. It depends on the phone.

  4. if you get that message. delete the neterteam app, and clear your installed profile, then reset your internet settings, and reinstall the gpp. sorry for the late message

  5. you dont need a patch if you have the 64k sim. The newer sim card have 128k which you are using because if you were using a 64k u would be able to send and receive messagers

  6. I have a 4s sprint on IOS 7.0.4 with GPP 6.1.3 and I want to run it on T-Mobile can it work
    ? do I need to have the programs that GPP made me install in the IOS 6 version before doing this?

  7. after 2 weeks of hell, you have just helped me to get my phone working again.  thank you thank you thank you…. Jailbroken, and my phone and messages are now working!  THNAK YOU!