iOS 7 review: Apple’s new direction

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David Pierce dives into Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 7.

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  1. My view on this is that ios 7 looks a lot better then it ever did before but all they have done is looked at android and taken bits from it like the multi tasking and the control center I have nothing against apple and I think there os is good but slightly
    over rated

  2. Fucking hate this OS, it is laggyer than Android it sucks it looks unfinished and childish, it crashes all the time. I'm typing from an iPad 4th gen wit iOS 7.0.4 the keyboard reacts 2 seconds after I type on it.
    All the cool things design, smoothnes, true simplicity not true idiocracy (like in in iOS 7) iOS 6 had are gone. What sucks the most that apple won't let you downgrade which is really low of them, they are forcing you to keep their shit running.I will never buy an apple product, ever and I will advise the same, everyone I know. Apple should really change the path it's going or it's doomed. Fuking changing to android from now on.

  3. The verge or the vagina as I like to call them really love Apple too much. Come out and experience android. Apple invented smartphones no doubt but everyone else made them better . Catch up Apple and let me transfer files from my PC like any other device ! Windows Phone is the new iPhone. If you get what I mean. No longer would I buy my mum an iPhone. I would buy her a Windows phone as its much easier. OIS is a mess now.

  4. If you dislike the animations in iOS 7 because they slow the processing speed, you can simply navigate over to settings and disable the animations.

    It greatly increases the productivity level on the operating system.

  5. Control center isn't cluttered any more than the android notification bar on samsung's touchwiz, which crams the media player, power control, brightness settings, and status updates all on that one tab. The notification bar in ios is pretty useless though since you have to turn all notifications off to save battery. I'm also disappointment that Apple didn't make their keyboard as fluid as Google's.

  6. Loved what this did to my iphone 4 😀 slowed it to moleassis, and killed my battery 2 times as fast. Ah gotta love apple and its "we keep our phones for 3 years but after 2 its so slow you can't use it. Bet you wish you had that 2 GB of ram we could have added but didn't :D"

  7. No matter how futuristic iOS will get I will always have a place in my heart for iOS 7. I had it jailbroken on my old iPod 5 which I lost in a movie theater like an idiot. I owned it for the entire period of my life where things were so simple.