iOS 7 Siri vs. Android 4.3 voice search: Voice control review

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ExtremeTech’s Ryan Whitwam puts iOS 7’s Siri up against Android 4.3 voice search in this voice command cage match.

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  1. On my nexus 10, I used Google now to basically do a shopping list for next time I go to home Depot. A couple weeks later when I went, it reminded me on my phone, gs4, it's useful integration. It also connects with my smart TV and gives me a local guide on channels.

  2. Just wait for kit kat. They will definitely add system settings by voice. Can't wait. Google now sounds better. Siri sounds like a renewed Microsoft Michelle. Still some stutters.

  3. Dude in this video u were making scuses for everything that siri fail and that bad because honesty you have to recognize that google make it better than siri

  4. He is not.

    I have an iPad and tried Siri againts Google Now on my HTC One. Sometimes, Google Now could recognize phrases better than Siri. Siri did sound less robotic, but Google Now did sound more human like than Siri, even with it off of beta on iOS 7.

  5. Stop eating shit dude, I tested my htc one x + vs iphone 5s gold and the voice search from andoid is much more faster that siri but siri has some feature that google search voice don't have.

  6. to the people who are saying that android is better bc google now is "better than siri" 
    does it really matter? google now is now avaliable on apple too.

  7. "Google Now" is not "Google Voice Search" they are completely different things.
    "Google Voice Search" only do normal voice search and hasn't updated after 2011.Where 'Google Now" is a complete package of voice search and voice assistant 

  8. I really dont like ios. The iphone has pretty good hardware and is well made, but using ios never feels right. Its nothing but a bland app drawer. It's pretty boring at least when ever i use it, it feels that way

  9. What… why would anyone compare these two Siri is obviously better, theyve had it for fucking years, and is one thing that they work on especially hard. Fucking voice search or whatever is not even something you use to control your phone anyway.