iOS 7: Ten Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

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iOS 7: Ten Tips and Tricks To Get You Started

The official iOS 7 release for iPhone, iPod, and iPad is upon us, and it’s filled with new options and features… but not all of them are perfect. We’ve put together a list of 10 new options you can use to customize and tweak your iOS 7 experience to better suit your taste. More:

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  2. Before the update, I could play my music, text, still hear the auto correct without the music stopping(pausing) how do I keep the music playing while using Texting, Social media like WhatsApp?
    Great tips I'm glad I stumbled accross you guys!

  3. +CalmPlains There really isn't that much more customization when you look at it. So much in the Galaxy phones is just gimmicky features that are "show off" features that are cool to show friends, but when it comes down to it just aren't realistic in daily use except for running the battery down. The live wallpapers are actually live on iOS 7 too. Widgets have to be the most gimmicky part of Android anymore, even the best Tech people will know that widgets look very outdated still and don't keep up with the rest of the Android OS especially Kit Kat now. And I've used Android and some of my family has Android and there isn't much customization difference. Also people like iOS because it's optimized and easily updated. If you get any Android device you're very lucky to be able to upgrade the OS even once in the time you have the phone and it's open source so it's all one OS on hundreds of phones each year and the same apps not optimized for each device. Most Android apps like social network and email are mobile web browser version. Overall though the less the iPhone does, doesn't matter having a simple easy to use device that's secure with great features alone that are actually optimized and don't just kill battery is plenty. I could go on to how silly it is having tons of cores and RAM in a phone that's not optimized or needs those specs at all, it's just another way for companies to try to show off and another whole argument.

  4. I hate how they made the people with the iphone 4 update because people with the iphone 4 can not use any of these features