iOS 7 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 

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What’s on my iPhone?
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  1. why apple dont make ios 7 for ipod touch 4g and older ios products??? they could make an lite ios 7, with that u dont have the new extra features of ios7 and it is compatible for older products of ios. i hope apple do something with that and make an update, if not they i can't have the new ios 7 on my ipod touch 4g but i like the design of it. and i have to jailbreak my ipod and get some tools and designs on it so that it looks like ios7 but i don't want to jailbreak my ipod 🙁 what to do?

  2. Apple does this so your older idevice gets discontinued so you buy the new thus making them more money, if you really want something similar to ios7 you can jailbreak and theme it but the ipod touch 4G is a slow device by todays standars so it will be running slow

  3. Thank you for sharing these! I have a bunch of articles saved up about ios7 and haven't upgraded yet. Now I know how to turn off certain things, I can upgrade with confidence. Thanks!