iOS 7 vs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

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Android and iOS are arch nemesis platforms from arch nemesis companies. Their update schedules are totally different. Android is rapidly updated and has undergone multiple UI overhauls, while iOS has remained almost identical from 2007 up until last week.

Now that iOS has a new face and some new features, it’s time to give these two a fair comparison. Which one comes out on top? Leave your answer in the comments below!


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  1. Funny fact that most of you guys have not realize yet, All google apps run better on IOS then on its own Operating System (android), why would an app that you made for your own device turned up being better on other platform, I've seen lags on android but never on IOS

  2. The only reason I don't like android is because 1: it's sucks on my phone. Android sent out a botched update which screwed my phone up meaning I had to send my phone away for a week to have it fixed. 2: when it comes to tablets, and I know this as I work in a tech retail store. You have to have third party anti virus installed into your device to protect it from viruses. 3: I find on my phone that android is just a pain in the ass. When I backed my phone up before I sent it off for repair, after I got it back I tried to re-download my stuff and it didn't work. When I finally got it working, half my pictures had been deleted and most of my music. When I backed my iPod touch 4th gen and my iPad 3 up, I reset it and then just re-installed and downloaded everything perfectly fine.

  3. iOS is so flipping boring I can barely stand using my kid's iPad while waiting for my new Samsung tablet to arrive by mail. I've left the Apple world for Android and cannot go back.

  4. This is simple. If you actually care about specs, customization, and a simple interface go with android. If you only want minimal customization with an over rated OS and to be ripped off get apple.

    You deside on which you like best. Its not about which OS is better, but on what you personally want. I myself am an andriod user and I prefer it over IOS.

  5. Clearly Android wins, he said simplicity come at price, that means to share a photo no. of clicks are way more in ios7 than android. the only negative point was hanging issue in android, which is now corrected. Icons are very big in ios7, also no home screen. Widgets in android is a big plus.The only plus point in ios7, according to me, is its cleaner interface, like a girl's room.