iOS 7 vs Windows Phone 8

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Windows Phone 8 and iOS 7 are in more direct competition than most think. And now that iOS is sporting a new look, it leaves Windows Phone as the last mobile platforms using an older UI. So we put two toe to toe. Which one comes out on top? You decide!


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  1. If you like the Windows Tiles and have an iPhone, get Paragon (requires jailbreak iOS 6 – 9.02). Its a sick Windows Theme that REALLY resembles the Windows 8 Phone. Its a must have. Its amazing. Hence the name Paragon! 🙂

  2. i really like the ios ui as well as the wp one but there is no Snapchat apps are udpated much later than ios or android apps except if you have updated to windows 10 mobile then you have better twitter etc

  3. how did IOS and android become so popular, its as if people did no research into a phones capability and simplicity, windows phones wins in every aspect but yet android and IOS are so many. Android was designed by puzzle designers, organisation is chaotic and IOS is way over priced, don't kill windows its actually good