iOS Development Setup – iMac Pro – 2018

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In this video I walk through my updated iOS Development setup and workspace which now includes the new iMac Pro. The main reason I got the iMac pro was for video editing for this channel, however it does have some benefits for iOS Developers as well, which I’ll demonstrate.

If you’d like to pick up any of the items in this setup walkthrough, you can find the links below (affiliate):

Links to items in my Dev Setup:

12 South Stand:




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  1. Assuming this was a clean build but most of the time during development you would be using incremental builds. I think the difference there would be even lesser, probably negligible. Having said that love the screen real estate and somehow Apple Displays feel more pro than having an external display in my experience. However I have not worked with an external display for a long time. I would definitely splurge if I had the funds as developing on iMac is more fun and productive than a laptop somehow 🙂 … so enjoy this one. By the way how much stock RAM you have on that beast?

  2. As a c++ developer i do all my main development on my linux system because unlike xcode i can really get benefit from a 43" 4k monitor (and two 2560×1440 to the right). iMac totally sucks by only be able to open one file (or two if you count this inconvenient restricted assistant editor).

  3. How can you work with Xcode?. It's a crashaholic i actually meant SourceKit (wich does the highlighting in Xcode and autocomplete).

  4. More for development in general, but why do you find it better to have an ultrawide monitor as opposed to two monitors, one which you can turn vertical? Great video by the way, you've got my sub!

  5. Still overkill. Your videos don't even need that much video editing, they don't even have any fancy transitions or animations. I would consider this a colossal overkill and waste of money. You could edit your videos just fine in your MBP.

  6. can't edit on the 2016 macbook pro???! dude i edited 4k on a 2013 13''!! and recently upgraded to a 15'' 2015! you can check my latest video and you'll see that what i edit isnt super simple …

  7. Question: I'm not iOS or any other Apple OS developer (yet), but I do remember that Apple introduce de ability to compile software using several computers using Xcode. At that time they develop that ability for G4 processors. Is that possible nowadays, to increase the speed? How log will it take to compile the same project using your MacBook Pro and the Mac Pro together?

  8. Unless you're strictly a Premiere editor or your're editing Red 8K footage with tons of LUT's and affects I can't see why anyone would need an Imac Pro to edit youtube videos. Other then that the 2016 and 2017 15 inch Macbook Pro's can edit 4K footage without much of a problem but then again I don't really know what type of footage you'll be editing.

  9. Hello Sean, your videos are very informative and motivates me to dive dealer into app dev.
    My current Mac heats up in simple dev using playgrounds, it’s been super frustrating although I love the keyboard and ease of access to peripherals.
    I’m planning to upgrade from a 2014 15 inch MacBook Pro to the latest iMac and the 13 inch MacBook Pro for portability. Both will be mostly used for iOS dev, your input is valuable and I wish you the best