iOS is a MESS! Cleaning up my iPhone XS…

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Cleaning up iOS 12! Minimizing distractions on our tech is becoming increasingly important. A whole new conversation surrounding digital health is starting. Apple has delivered new software to help you track your use, but we still haven’t addressed the basics. Apple’s software is a mess of icons, with terrible organization tools. Without jail breaking, how can we clean this up a LITTLE so our phones are cleaner and easier to use?

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  1. First thing I did on my iPad….sorted same stuff into folders lol….I'm used to seeing my wallpaper. Why apple don't do this I really have no idea. It's their platform after all and they can fix it and turn it around anytime they like. On android even the app drawer is in alpabethical order . And they should sort out those widgets…those aren't widgets…they're friggin banners….finally they got the notifications bunched into groups…like by who sent them not wo came first….why was that so hard to do…it's been like that on android for years now.

  2. Nah i like my widgets there what make Android good. In the past they slowed my phone down but now that CPU's got so good that, it doesn't happen anymore.

  3. Oh, that's the reason why my friend has a ton of folders of apps and a disaster each time he wanna search for a specific app.
    Obviously I make fun of that :^)

  4. On my iPhone XS Max I only use 4 folders, and they are all in the dock. With them in the dock they have no name under them so it looks super clean. Just like how I had my Nexus 6 lol

  5. The utter lack of accessibility and organization tools on iOS is a pain in the ass.
    – No direct jumping to any page
    – No app drawer
    – No sorting options
    – No placing icons where you want
    – No easy method to move apps between pages
    – No way to move a pile of apps together

  6. Been doing this since I had the 5 s back at it's launch except sometimes I just jam everything in folders

    I had 4 folders on the dock and used search mostly for every app

    Welp until iOS 10 that made the search asssssss slow

    Ios 11 made it worse

    And now iOS 12

    I'm used to it

    Until the charging stopped a few days ago

    Using a OnePlus 6 now (I've used Samsung before )

    Android all the way Lord bless my speed God machine with Android p

  7. Moving more than one app is really bad..who thought of that stupid idea, while holding down the app you have to tap other ones BUT ALL while holding down the first app…wth

  8. Hey Juan..
    I came here (again btw) to request your audio reviews back to life. I am super passionate when it comes to music, that audio feedback is a priority for me. I have literally liked every audio review you have done, and even commented.

    Do note, that I barely like any video (maybe liked a 100-200 the whole time I was on youtube) and I also do not comment much. Your reviews are not just entertaining, and spot on. But there is nothing on the internet even comes close to how good your review audio.

    Of course, I am talking about phones. The new LG V40 sent me your way. Of course, if that is not what you want, then I totally respect your decision. Otherwise, PLEASE help us out.