iOS is better than Android

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  1. Why apple sells more? Marketing, high quality mass marketing. Which of course means you are not getting what youre paying, same goes for samsung. One plus, motorola, even xiaomi or huawei spend much less in marketing, increasing the value of the product. People, including me, watch apple commercials and think "woah! That is cool, i want that" except they stop the train of thought at that point, while tech heads will dig into what apple really offers; an overpriced product. 80% of people will not tell the diference in performance between a 1080p, qc430 150$ smartphone and a 1000$ iphone. 15% will be stisfied by something a bit more expensive, say a 600 series chip, a better camera, an amoled display. Only ultimate power users, people that play 3d games, edit video and such will feel the need for a top of the line processor, and power users will also need more features that an iphone cant offer.

  2. You are right i am 8 years iphone user. And i just bought an andriod but could not ditch iphone. Now i am using two phones. And andriod can get pretty hectic for me always updating some apps whereas i phone is simple and more usable.

  3. iOS is not easier to use then Android (At least if one stays either with a certain Android brand (Samsung for example!) or any near stock android (Moto, Essential, Pixel, Nexus, OnePlus, Lenovo Any Android One Device!).

    Apple is used as almost any Android Phone Brand is becuase Apple was and still is great at hyperbole (AKAHype!)

    If iOS is customizable where the hell is the App Folder to keep all the apps in by defualt how is filling up every page with apps easier/simpiler, sleek, sexy and how can have 6 pages of apps minimalistic rather then one?

    Apple has one button but you have to learn how to press it and for how long and how many times to do fuction this is way less confusing then having three softkeys or hardkeys

    Google Apps do sync but I get what you are saying about that and I can not disagree!

    Apple literaly slows down your phone with every new OS espcially after the 2nd year!

    Your biggest argument is the fragmention between all OEM's when compared to Apple do a 1 vs 1 to be fairer (Samsung vs Apple for example!) would have been a better comparison!

  4. Can you do a video on the Apple echo system? Like what all can the echo system do ? I recently bought Mac book pro, iPhone and tablet. But I don’t really get how they work together . How to get the settings straight to make them support each other effectively. Ty!!

  5. I've used an iPhone before, the way it works is so natural and simple and intuitive but after being deceived by youtubers saying samsung galaxy s whatever is better, it pushed me on buying an android phone, at first i was impressed on how screens where so big on some android phones but overtime it lacks a feeling of what i got on iOS before, now my android phone keeps on crushing down apps and keeps on lagging maybe because of the memory, but when i got an iPhone it never happened to me before like not even once,, now android is pushing me to iOS and I'am never going back to android. Thank you so much for letting me know that I'am not wrong, that iOS is BETTER!

  6. With Steve, apple was about innovation and revolutionizing the tech industry, without Steve, Tim is all about money. Apples innovation has slowed significantly, and that puts all of the Android devices ahead. And also, I completely disagree with this video, Android is a much better OS, talk about simplicity, Samsung devices have a simple mode that dumbs down Android. Android is meant to be made as simple or complex as you want, and you say specs don't define a phone but with the iPhone X that's all you have because Samsung's devices from this year destroy the iPhone X is so many aspects it makes the iPhone X look like a joke.

  7. Reliability is the key. Having full control of the apps running.Each time I tap on an icon, I know exactly what is going to happen, this is something an Android user can never tell without lying.

  8. 1) As to why long lines exist in front in Apple stores, because they all the crazy people. Yes no fucking way I would ever camp outside of a store for anything, I will just get it 1 or 2 months later. But for these people it is more a way to show off hence they need to have it first. They buy a phone for the wrong reasons. It proves nothing.
    2) Why does everybody compare to Apple, because off the perception that exists. They were first and the best for a long time. That perception remains until today. Lots of people think BMW is the best car, but is it really? Toyota is more reliable, cheaper and has less maintenance. Yet the perception is that BMW is better. Perceptions are often false or it is more nuanced.
    3) Andriod is more complex, I have parents on Android devices. Well in their 70's, they can use it without any problems so is the rest of the world that much more stupid? I do not think so.
    IOS is not easier, it is only because a lot of people are used to it that it appears that way.
    Actually gave my iphone to my parents once and they were completely lost, this as everything was new to them.
    Add to that these gestures on Iphone x are more difficult for older people I think, I mean for a young guy they will figure it out but older people I do not know.
    But still a youtube button is a youtube button on Android and ios, whatsapp is whatsapp. You have settings on IOS and settings on Android. Not like one system is complex mathmatics at university and the other kindergarden. You overstate the simplicity of the iphone and make it appear as if android is super difficult. It is not, just have a ton of extra options yes, which you mostly can ignore and will never even be faced with it if not looking for it.