iOS or Android Camera remote using Bluetooth. Tested with Samsung Note

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Bluetooth remote to control Android or iOS Camera. Tested with Samsung Note. Use this Bluetooth remote to easily take SELFIES using your mobile phone.
in this video I demonstrate how this works, how you can pair it and off course how the internal electronics looks like :-).

I bought it here in the Netherlands for 2.50 euro, but it can also be bought from eBay at $2 dollars including shipment. Look on eBay for this “Wireless Bluetooth SELFIE Camera Remote” keyword.

Summary: This is a Wireless Bluetooth SELFIE Camera Remote Control Shutter that can be used for iPhone (iOS) and Android like Samsung, HTC Phones.


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  1. Is there a way to make the buttons work for other features? Suppose I want the big button to act as ANSWER and the smaller one as HANGUP, is there anyway to do this? Thanks!

  2. HackThatNow – I got one of these at the geek wish web site (US$1.85) but it doesn't have a battery. I need to know what type of battery to get; is it the common CMOS battery (CR2032 or whatever) or different battery? Thanks.