iOS vs Android 2020!

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iOS vs Android 2020! Hello all and welcome to this mid 2020 video comparison of the latest version of iOS 13.5.1 vs Android 10 June 2020. The intentions of this video is to provide you with a detailed look at many of the core differences and features of each operating system. We don’t cover every single feature in this video, but we do cover many of the core experience differences. iOS for iPhone has come a long way but the core functionality remains similar to its introduction way back in 2007. Android 10 is far different from the original days of Android software, but which one comes out on top will depend on a few factors! Check out the video to find out which you are more leaning towards in 2020. If you have iOS phone or Android phone, please share your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, and questions below with the community 🙂 As always, thank you for watching and be sure to well and peace.

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  1. *P.S. I mistakenly in the video said New York City instead of New York in the assistants section, was thinking about the city due to the city being the highlight of the current events lately*

    iOS vs Android 2020! After both systems being updated yesterday, this inspired a mid 2020 comparison of both operating systems! Let's Gooo!! Share your pick for mid 2020!

  2. So the isheep said it. At 19:36 you can get a cheap Android that still has more features then an iPhone. Now imagine you get a premium Android with full features it blows iPhone out the water.

  3. So
    Apple – pros
    -Lots of space
    Apple – cons
    -Breaks easily
    -Harder to set up
    -No variety
    -Toxic "fanbase"
    Android – pros
    -Pretty broad variety
    -Can get stepped on by a African elephant and not have a dent
    -Better camera
    -Google assistance
    Android – cons

  4. Since I've had both android and iPhone I can finally say android is better android is simple apple is so hard to learn even if it was your first phone also shut up about pics on android, android cam quality 2016 and after was better than iPhone even with the 3 cams on the iphone

  5. The main thing for me is side loading. Apple really hates when people download things that aren’t on they’re App Store but android is chill

  6. Get both.

    I use emulators and torrent stuff on the go so I use android.

    I use audio processing apps. iOS process audio waaaaaay better than android with less loopholes at almost relatime speeds ao I use iOS.

  7. I think apple is goving app developers too much control over ios. Which i dont like. Since google has been giving attention to their hardware business lately i think i should switch to android. I think i should give pixel 4a a try🤔

  8. Dual app like whatsapp, telegram, FB, Call recording, pop up youtube videos, Always on display, 1440p youtube videos, split screen multitasking, home screen customisations, superior file management system & notification centre, USB-C, superior voice assistant, More hardware options for any budget, etc etc etc.
    Man is there even a competition?
    No matter what iSheeps say, Android has beaten iOS in smartphone arena atleast (although not in tabs as apps aren’t made for big screens on android, so I have to use iPad currently).
    I use S10+ as my primary and iPhone X as my secondary, so I have tasted both the poisons myself!

  9. iPhones have much higher value and last much longer than androids. I'd say iPhone is better than Android despite lacking behind in the technical department.

  10. Great video, the side by side comparison is so much more honest and unbiased. I honestly thought you would repeatedly trash Android and praise iOS but you treated both devices equally. Android Lives Matter wants to commend you.

  11. Android handily beats the iPhone because it provides a lot more flexibility, functionality and freedom of choice. … But even though iPhones are the best that they've ever been, Android handsets still offer a far better combination of value and features than Apple's limited lineup

  12. I cannot fathom how much I dislike iOS just bought my first iPhone ever in my life just to try it out and I cannot multitask as I can on my previous s10

  13. I'm running stock Android 10 on my s5
    Not many people are able to do this but too badddddddd

    It's smooth and great battery life and everything is stable working great

    This is my resolve for those idiots talking about longer support

    It's been over 6yrs since I have custom support

  14. I like both and I've had both but been on android for about 5 years now. I like android, but honestly my fiancées iPhone just works so smooth and simple. Now android is fantastic for modding/customisation but honestly almost all apps seem to be better on the iPhone. I wish I could afford an iPhone.