iOS vs Android Debate! With Jon from TechnoBuffalo

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Which mobile OS is better, iOS or Android?

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  1. Android has the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, instant win.
    CPU, GPU can easily do what a phone needs to do (why the hell do we need snapdragon 835's and A11's)
    Removable battery, no more needing to get a new phone because the battery has crapped out on you after going through many charge cycles. Get a new battery, boom new phone!
    Expandable storage, seriously, sucks to be the guy that breaks his phone and wants to retrieve data without prying open everything..
    IR blaster, old school but we all still use the TV right?
    And yes, its got a headphone jack for all you who prefer wired over bluetooth iem's.
    And best of all it doesn't have any gimmicky displays that seem to leave no room on the phone to rest your fingers, instead it gives you a good enough amoled 16:9 display.