iOS vs Android Explained In HINDI {Computer Wednesday}

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In this Ep, we will talk about iOS vs Android
so when did this race start
one-sided start and apple’s lead
all of that changed
SO what about 2020
iOS 2020
MYTHS about these devices



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  1. I have an iphone 6s …which had ios 11.4 …..there was some network lag in an app …which I now realised was normal…..I called up the apple support and told them about this …..and they just said that you should update to the latest version which was ios 13.3 at that time …..when I did that …my battery max capacity reduced to 75% and the iphone was literally so hot ..during the updation…..after the update almost no app was working at all …all apps were getting freezed and only the apple's default like safari, mail, etc were working only ….and also the same support team couldn't help me in anything …..just buy battery replacement (hell expensive) for which you have to go 100km as the nearest retail …..
    Apple is just worst …!!! Iphone does not take care of user, The user has to take care of the phone…

  2. Ek chota sa sawal hai jab phone ka hardware(sd845,sd855)OpenGL ES3.0,OpenCL,vulkan 1.1 and DX12 support karte tabhi bhi smartphone gaming cosole ya PC level ki kyu nahi hoti hai?

  3. I don't on Which parameters you are comparing security concerns on these two flagship Mobile OS. Android is more vulnerable than IOS. Please Go and check San Bernardino shooting case and further Apple vs FBI tussle to crack iPhone of shooter. You will get your answer which is more secure. Nothing is perfect but some are near to perfect…
    please don't be bias!
    P.S. commenting via Android phone. OP 7