iOS vs. Android – Google Apps UI Comparison

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This is a UI comparison of Google Apps on iOS and Android.
Chrome, Google+, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Gmail and Youtube


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  1. +Dean Wallace was asking for it so +Dean Wallace  got it.
    It's a bit rough and dirty and I mostly did it to get used to Adobe Premiere but either way, here it is…

  2. Here you can definitely see that different teams work on the different platforms and that there isn't a good cross functionality check. Especially YouTube and Hangouts need more iOS "flair" on the tablet side of Android. But seeing that auto-rotate is enabled by default in Android, I wouldn't mind getting the same side panels if I would hold my phone in landscape.

    Thanks for making this comparison video +Damir Franc

  3. Good video man!
    I have to say though, I hate Google's inconsistency when it comes to their own apps. Third party developers have implemented material design so much better than Google themselves. The FAB has different height in different apps, the hamburger menu has different positions and has different animations in different Google Apps. Sometimes, they have instant transitions, like stuff popping out instantly and out of nowhere, like in Google Calendar. Absolutely bugs me. That's why I use other calendar apps and alternatives to other Google Apps if I find any with similar functionality.

  4. Very interesting video as I want to move to iOS and try it. But may I suggest: 1. Do a comparison between iOS 8.3 & Android 5.0 Same Google apps but please add Maps and who loads faster. 2. Also do the same thing but using an iPhone & a standard Nexus 5/6 . With that I'll be able to make up my mind completely. But good video.

  5. The Andriod apps are design to be used on multiple phones and tablets and different screen size, that's it why the difference are the was they are on Android.