iOS vs Android Latest 2017 Comparison TubeTabloid

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iOS vs Android Latest 2017 Comparison TubeTabloid

iOS vs android
The debate is never-ending, both ios and android are established mobile operating systems in the industry, we often find ourselves arguing which one is better
While iOS 11 and Android Oreo both have been unveiled recently, the ongoing discussions have put on some more weight.
Now first of all let’s make it clear that these two operating systems are built for two different objectives, therefore to talk honestly, we can’t have an apple to android comparison.

Let’s first talk about the primary objectives of both iOS and Android.

While both iOS and Android made their debuts together, iOS was a more polished, functional and beautiful software, that people loved, on the other hand Android was a software that worked, but wasn’t user friendly or eye catching. The reason behind was that iOS was developed by Apple for it iPhone, and android was developed for actually no particular Phone. Apple had a fair idea what it required from it software and how they could go about in future, however android was an open source software was just running around aimlessly.

But that has changed now, and google is now taking care of Android extremely well. Now about 80% of the smartphones run on android.

Well, as we have already discussed that iPhone has a clear objective of supporting only Apple devices, android has a large phone base to cover. Therefore the development approach is quite different. But as an average user, i wouldn’t be so much interested in what’s happening in the background. So let’s talk about the differences and which one of the two software is better for you.

To begin with, ios is only available for iPhone, so you have to buy an iphone to enjoy the features of ios, which isn’t cheap, on the other hand Android is available on tons of devices, ranging from extremely cheap to extremely expensive. So you have a wide variety and flexibility. Therefore if you don’t invest a lot of money in Phones, you should probably stick to android.

As an operating system, iOS is more polished, more consistent and more stable operating system as apple has developed it for its own devices, however after android Marshmallow, the android is also a very mature and stabel software and latest offering android oreo is taking on apple quite hard.
Next thing is usability, both android and iOS are quite user friendly, however iOS still offers an easy to use beautiful interface which is liked by a lot.

The appearance, first of all you literally can’t do anything to alter the appearance of of iOS, even your wallpaper will be burried under the app icons on your home screen. On the contrary you can customize your android with the help of different launchers and also custom ROMs based on android are available which can change the user interface dramatically. Therefore in terms of customization, android is far ahead of iOS
Notification handling,
You really don’t want to miss any important notifications, and you probably receive tons of notifications which are very difficult to manage.

Android is a clear winner here, Notification panel on android is much more efficient than iOS. You can filter out notification, reply and dismiss the notification and do a lot of stuff., ios notification system is gaebage in comparison to android and with notification channel in oreo, android is still making it’s already very efficient notification system more refined.
Now the ecosystem.both iOS and Android have huge application stores, but the android is still suffering with consistency in the app design while iOS enjoys a more controlled app store where apps adhere to strict design guidelines. Moreover, most of the Apps make their way to iOS first before android, but ultimately they land up in google play store also.
Although the messaging has become easier with instant messenger like Whatsapp Apple’s imessage is still widely used for messaging and it’s unique to iOS only.
The devices, IOS supports only Apple devices while Android is available on lot of devices with very different hardware.
iOS loses on the connectivity options like NFC and also hugely dependent on iTunes for managing the data on your phone. However iTunes is a free software, it still needs little bit of extra time and effort, while you can connect your android device to any computer without needing any additional software.
About software updates, ioS devices enjoy quick and frequent software updates, whereas android has to go through a lot of changes to be available on every supported device. Android Noughat, which was released last year is only available on very few devices and oreo is yet to achieve a mentionable number. however google has introduced Project Treble, which is expected to make this process easier and quicker for manufacturers. Looks like the gap between iOS and Android is going to filled up soon.


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