iOS vs. Android: The War is Over | So Last Decade

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The smartphone war is so last decade. iOS? Android? Apple? Samsung? None of it matters anymore.
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  1. iOS is a Mercedes, Android is a Honda Civic.
    Mercedes' are optimized but strict on user customization. Honda Civics are rather plain but offer infinite customization.

  2. "…and How much phone we can get for smaller and small we prices…"
    That's exactly what's happening with the pandemic. iPhone SE, Google Pixel 4a…the list goes on.

  3. I still have The same issue.
    Ios cant handel MP3 or there library

    And you cant copy and paste files from The Phone.

    And you cant customeize The Apple phone

    Same issue as 10 years ago

  4. How much more can you wish for in a smartphone? They can already do way more than is comfortable on a small screen and it's not like they're a replacement for an actual computer. Even tablets haven't made that leap yet.

  5. I agree, looking back its just nostalgia and wondering why you didn't choose the right phone that lasted a few years. Why did I choose a random shitty htc 8 years ago and not a normal samsung s series phone? Why did samsung have multiple lines of products that people only remember the S and A series…?

  6. Android is a much more fertile environment for malware because there are so many versions of the OS in the wild, and it's the carriers โ€“ not Google โ€“ that get to decide when or even if the operating system is patched with security updates on specific model phones. In contrast, Apple device owners update their operating system software far more frequently, and Apple doesn't have to deal with the same amount of โ€œOS fragmentationโ€ found within the Android ecosystem.

  7. 8 years ago we could see devices evolving with double the specs and features but now the spec bump in phones, tablets & laptops are so minimal that people don't seem to upgrade to a newer device because they dont see the reason to upgrade not only that the Flagship phones both in the Robot Company & Fruit Company are Just Crap from the last few years i have used Mid range phone because they are capable of doing 85% of what the flagships has to offer with less than 1/3rd of price i use a Galaxy M30 and I'm happy with it at the end of the day it only matters is what the customers want in their phone