iOS vs. Windows Phone 7 (Part 2)

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The third part will be coming in the next few days. Thanks for watching, and stay snazzy!

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  1. Very good comparison. I really like the wp7 ui, but it somehow lacks in content. I hope they work on it and Im definitly buying the next generation.

  2. Samsung Focus wp7 has a 5mp camera that beats the iphone 4 camera. plus i prefer the AMOLED screen on that to the retina. 😀

  3. @CostasTechGeek He didn't say he hated anything. He mentioned WP7 needs work, he mentioned the strong points of wp7 and iOS. You are just too much of a fan boy to realize what a fair comparison is.

  4. @superkid24 LOL, I love WP7 and your comment is kind of pointless, sorry..:P I am a fanboy and I can't realize what a fair comparison is? I am a fanboy, but I believe WP7 is as good as iOS, actually WP7 and iOS are better than Android.

  5. @CostasTechGeek I wasn't criticizing you on how you felt about iOS vs WP7. I was criticizing you on how you felt about the review. You have misread my comment, obviously.

  6. @CostasTechGeek Yet again, you have misread what I wrote. I said you misread my comment not that you can't read… There's a difference. If you thought the review was great, it didn't reflect it in your first comment.

  7. That was a really good unbiased review. I'm on an iPhone 3G at the moment, and I'm tired of the slow speeds and the phone in general. Do you know if there is a WP7 equivalent of Cydia/Installous? I normally buy my apps, but they are too expensive in WP7.

  8. Get an iPhone, get Dreamboard, use Blackberry or Windows fronts. Sorted. WP7 looks better, but on an Android or iPhone it looks better. Trust me. I love my iPhone but the interface is shit. The interface of WP7 is WAY nicer…

  9. windows phone 7 has an amaaaaazzzziiiingggg UI!!! i have neva been so mesmerised by a UI this much but qp7 lacks sooo many thngs…m probably gonna buy 1 after they get tons of apps for wp7 which shudnt take much time considering microsoft reputation

  10. Я за развитие винды, Windows Phone – развивайся и уходи вперёд.оставляя всех позади.

  11. @iMlindberg xbox live is awesome and so is windows phone 7, it actually makes iphone feel outdated, wp7 is way more beautiful

  12. @iMlindberg wp7 is an integrated phone, for example with windows phone 7 you have Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, msn live and you can chat to anyone directly from your phone on a single page with ever using an app like iphone and android, not only that your phone will also tell you when the person you are talking to if they went offline or went from which social network to what social network and how to reach them right away the phone does all that for you.

  13. iphone and android only have twitter integrated everything else you gotta open an app for this and an app for that wp7 simplifies it for you. also built in is text to speech just hit one button and you never have to text again to get that in iphone and android you need to open app also with wp7 text to sppech it not only works for text somebody it also works for social sites as well so you can text to speech and social site too. Integration is the future of smartphone not apps

  14. @iMlindberg even though that was the Motto early on for wp7, people love spending time with wp7 and with the mango update its looking even more delicious

  15. Amazing video, like the first part, feels really objective. Has an error at 1:22, though, the segment on syncing cuts and the video restarts. Also, cuts the segment off too early and jumps to the next one unexpectedly. Other than that, superb.

  16. Nice Review, and most of the issues of Windows Phone 7 that you discuss here have been fixed by the 7.5(mango) update now.

  17. Im not crazy about you hitting on Android It is the worst operating system but under good hardware it runs amazing . And you cannot judge an O.S from a previous version of it. Like you cant judge Ice Cream Sandwich based on Gingerbread cause the truth is ICS despite the update runs smooth on slower hardware or You cant judge Windows 7 based on Microsofts Vista disaster

  18. Depends on the hardware, whereas some phones, such as my GT540 which ran badly, and my new Galaxy S II, which was the best of it's time when I got it.. and the fact you can use it like a computer, you can really modify anything you like.. I love iOS simplicity; but now it seems strange to go back from Android.

  19. What I really like about iPhone notification (don't have an iPhone though) is that you see your notifications on your lockscreen (don't know if the 3gs has it, propably not, cause you'll have mentionted it)