iPad Activation Problem: How To Reset Or Restore iPad To Fix Errors With iOS Update

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iOS 9.3 update is causing activation error problems for some iPad users. Here’s how to reset, restore or download the update via iTunes to fix the issues.


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  1. If you have an older ios device such as the IPad 2 or iphone 5s or below and stuck on the apple id activation lock, the best way to unlock it, is thru itunes.
    The uploader is on the right track. Most successful way I've been able to help others unlock their device is get to the activation lock sign in on itunes.
    Here's the following steps.
    Hard rest the device and hold down till you see the apple logo. Connect the device asap to the updated version of itunes software. Pay attention to what itunes says, for instance it may ask to enter the passcode or authorize the computer on the ipad/iphone.
    If you're lucky, it'll have you enter your apple id log in and password. once you sign in, you're good to go.

    If you're not so lucky, it'll say that itunes does not recognize the device. If this happens, unplug the device, hard reset it and hold down the home button and power button until the device goes in the recovery mode (itunes logo and cord pointing up).
    itunes will say theres an issue with device and will ask if you want to restore or update. Restoring is recommended, and itunes will notice that the device it already on 9.3 and will verify the software. Once its done, it'll ask to sign into due to activation lock.
    If you signed in correctly, restore it, set it up again and you should be back in. If you can't sign in, reset the password. If it still does not let you sign in after correctly resetting the password, contact apple support.

    If you dont have a computer, find one.. Ask a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor.
    If you dont know your apple id, look it up on
    Both these issues are on you, not anyone elses.

    Hope this helps and if you still aren't having any luck, contact apple support.

  2. Hey, by the way – not even the folks at the Apple Store in Berlin could give me any hint on how to access my iPad2 that compares to yours here in the video. So again: hats off! Greetings from Germany

  3. Thank you so much! Your Solution of the IOS 9.3 update problem worked perfectly for me. In the end I had to set up my iPad2 from scratch but following your instructions I at least could do so and am not anymore stuck with an iPad not going back or forth. I'm really happy I stumbled across your youtube tutorial.

  4. I am restoring my because of updated ios problem. After restoring it will update again then the problem remains same ? It wont activate again. But i am trying anyway thanks for vdo