iPad Mini 2 iOS 10 Review! [4K]

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iOS 10.2 REVIEW!!! ——

This is a Full Review of the final release version of iOS 10 on the iPad Mini 2. Apple claims this is the biggest update yet, as iOS 10 is packed with tons of new features and changes!



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  1. am i the only one who doesn't want to update to ios10 on my iPad mini 2 w/retina?

    apple forces me to update everyday and i really don't want to. i prefer the old emoji's and the whole interface

  2. I'm an Android user, but soon I'll be buying iPad Mini 2. When you update your iOS device to a better one does that also increase the performance in gaming? If yes, that's fuckin awesome!

  3. hi.. i really like your video… can u please tell me that how did u edit such a great video… can u also help me with some tips and software which u used.

  4. Thanks for making this video. Needed this info to decide whether to update my parent's iPad or not. Keep up the good work!

  5. i have my ipad 2 for two whole years and then 2016 on october my dad bought me an ipad 4 and now my ipad 4 mini's broken idk what happen