iPhone 11 & 11 Pro – 6 Months Later

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This is a review of the iphone 11 and the 11 pro 6 months later. Even after six months, the iphone 11 and the iphone 11 pro are fantastic devices.

iPhone 11:
iPhone 11 Pro:
iPhone 11 Pro Max:

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  1. I have the iPhone 11 promax midnight green. It’s definitely a love and hate relationship because sometimes I feel like I should’ve just went with the pro because of the 5.8 screen size and not the max (It feels too big at times) but then the battery on the max is such a beast and I love watching shows, it so sounds & looks great, ultimately I look for battery performance, camera quality and reception and this phone does it all so very great.
    I guess it is a good investment overall and I’ll be keeping it for the next couple of years until I upgrade. this product has longevity and in my opinion that’s worth the price

  2. First i was decided to get iphone 11 pro,, but after that i see ur video then i decided i will get 11 not big difference, and im happy with 11 seriously

  3. Got pro max 3 weeks ago. Why can't I film with earphone one? Or using voice memory or receiving calls with earphone on without static noise of evenn loud crackling muffling the my voice or the caller. I can listen using it on watching youtube or other videos with it, the audio is normal. But using earphone on the things mentioned above is annoying and frustrating and still can't solve them.

  4. I'm going to buy one of these phones and nowadays the price between them is not with that much difference, I'm interested about your advice which one of them would you buy and why?