iPhone 11 Camera: The Breakdown

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I’ve already done a video on all the iPhone 11 rumors that have been floating around since… well, roughly 42 nanoseconds after the iPhone XS was introduced. But this year, perhaps more than any other, the iPhone 11 rumors just keep coming and almost all of them focus on the new camera system coming with it.

And it makes total sense. The iPhone XS has a good camera and a terrific video camera, but since it was announced Google has released the Pixel 3 with Night Vision, Samsung has put out the Galaxy S10 with a three camera system, and Huawei has escalated with a periscope lens and time of flight system.

Competition is fierce.

So, how is Apple planning to retaliate?






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  1. Here's a story idea for Vector –
    If iphone 11 production cost goes up14% due to tariffs, how much of this becomes a price hike and how much does apple eat? Can the $1000 iphone become a $1200 iphone without major hardware upgrades? If it does, what happens to demand? Inquiring minds want to know…

  2. Hey Rene, i enjoyed this video as always, i had a query as recently i was reafing article on how gartner placed samsung knox as more secure then iOS, i couldnt find much logic behind it, whats your view?

  3. If you ask me, Apple has lost it's style. Everything after the iPhone 5s was sub-par and not designed to the perfection of older devices. The newer designs are tasteless and full of blatant compromises.

  4. Jesus, its a PHONE! To hell with samsung and huawei. Want to take pictures all day long? buy a freaking CAMERA! We need Steve back…

  5. even way before next iPhone, apple already knows the specs of next, next iPhone.

    They are planning to put 4 cameras in iPhone 12 (not in 11 and 11S), and that would be a significant upgrade from next iPhone, so why dont they just put 4 cameras in next one. They even know the spaces of iPhone 11S, they are already working on the processor of iPhone 11S, but they wont put it in iPhone 11, rather they will sell it as a new feature for iPhone 11S. They have the tech but they wont give/release it to people.

  6. Apple is loosing edge so fast that neither your wordflood of mouth, neither mine, will help them.
    The country-club Board is more interested in restoring Carnegy Library than their product lines and customers are fed up with paying for their crazy hobbies