iPhone 11 Long-term Review: 9 Months Later

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  1. I’ve had my iPhone 11 for 9 months and battery health is on 99%, just don’t like the size of the phone. Whereas my girlfriends iPhone 11 is on 93% battery health and we got the phones at the same time

  2. 10 months of use with the battery maximum capacity of 93% is top notch! No lag or buggy (informal) noted so far! Happy of my iPhone 📱 11 😊😊😊

  3. After watching all the iphone 11 unboxing videos here on youtube, i finally got myself one and got rid of my old samsung a5 2016. This is my first iphone ever and im loving it so much.

  4. I have the IPhone 11 black for 2 months and I have the same problem with camera decoloration I think if is going to be worst Im going to change the back with a red one

  5. i have my iphone 11 for 10 months now (last august 15) and its still in good condition no scratches and no dents specially in the camera unlike the one in the video.

    one of the best phone for photography and gaming. i dont mind about the notch performance what really matters to me.

  6. You really just have to take great care of your device for it to last. May it be on the its appearance and battery charging habits.

    I just bought this phone last month as my main phone for media consumption and online works, and honestly, it’s one of the best iPhones out there.

    A13 chip and cameras are top notch.