iPhone 11 Pro Camera vs. Pixel 3a vs. Note 10!

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This video shows off the new night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro. How good is it? watch to find out!

Thank you so much to Luke for coming in clutch and helping me edit this one to get it up today! He is great!

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Thank you guys all for watching!

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  1. Decided to make a quick change and reupload this because one image in the original version had lighting from a car which made it an unfair test. That photo is gone now, and these are all tested in the same environment

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. Pixel 3a is great, but the Pixel 3 is even better. Just wait a few weeks, the Pixel 4 will destroy the iPhone 11 pro

  3. Really interesting to see the Pixel 3a crushing the iPhone 11 in low light! I see lots of reviews say 11 is on top, cool to see Google win here

  4. With the new update on iphone (deep fusion), had a significant improvement, make another comparison with Note 10, iphone 11, the long awaited pixel 4 and also mars 30 pro, success and congratulations for the channel !!!!

  5. Iphone 11's night mode is a huge step up . I phone 11 and pixel 3 both are the winners in this case. Pixel 3's cam exposes light in some areas , but it can be controlled if you focus at other places.

  6. Your first image: Only the iPhone (which you didn't like) gets your skin tones right (compared to your studio video camera)! The others were far too rosy.

  7. The Pixel is doing what Samsung had been doing for years. Its smooths skin to the point where you have no features. Its unnatural and I understand why this girl would appreciate an onboard Instagram filter.

  8. Iphone Fanboys: Pixel 3 only has the camera, we got more than that.
    Me: Bruh! Isn't the "new" Iphone camera their main selling point?

  9. All 3 are great but the buy I'd say The 11 an pixel are far above Samsung an the competition
    Both the 11 an pixel are close with the 11 being slightly above but ppl need to remember that's a 1000 dollar phone compared to a 400 phone that's amazing with it's camera an Os that rivals a phone 3 times as much

    Happy with my pixel 3a

  10. 🥺why compare a 1000$ phone with a 500$ one!( i know same camera but processor matters )
    the fact the they are compared speaks volumes about how good pixel 3a camera is!