iPhone 11 Pro Max long term review. (Is it still worth buying?)

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This video is about the iPhone 11 Pro Max after 10 months of launch, and in this video we do give our feedback on whether you should buy an iPhone 11 Pro Max considering the fact that the iPhone 12 will be launching soon.

Price quoted in video may change at anytime.

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  1. Will this be okay for year 2025? Because my mom will give it to me after 5 years, I am using realme 5 pro and it is a huge upgrade! Should I buy another phone on 2025? Or keep the iphone 11 pro max

  2. The irony is I am watching this video on my iPhone 11 Pro Max… People generally say do not buy iPhone and that is just because it is costly… But I feel it is worth the price…. FOr me the main thing that matters in any phone is Security and no other phone can give you a tight security than iPhone… So if you can afford we should buy an iPhone… The A13 bionic chip is the best in the world….

  3. Watching this on my iPhone 11 Pro Max and while I don’t agree that the 11 Pro Max isn’t worth buying as I don’t care about 5G and high refresh rates , anyway good review.

  4. Bro i am working as a medical representative i need to go long drives like daily 150 km i need good milage scootor and suitable village roads which one is best

  5. I use OnePlus 7 pro and i firmly believe my phone is better than this especially in terms of display- Curved, Bezel-less, 2k hdr, 90hz refresh rate. Iphone- flat, big notch, fhd, 60hz

  6. Just stumbled across your channel, top video however. I agree, I was tempted to pick one up but decided to wait and see what the 12 pro is like this year first 👍

  7. Hello bro if you remember me as I last said on the Grazia bs6 video when will the ntorq bs6 vs Grazia bs6 video will come i am eagerly waiting for your video please bro make it fast please bro